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Woman Makes Gown Out Of FairPrice Plastic Bags, Has ‘Fashion Show’ In Supermarket

Woman Poses In Front Of FairPrice With Plastic Bags Gown

Walking into a room and seeing someone else in the same dress may be an embarrassing moment for most women.

But one woman in Singapore is not likely to find herself in such a situation.

While most of us might reuse our supermarket plastic bags by putting our trash in them, this lady decided to make a gown out of plastic bags.


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The TikToker @lambeturahtkw then shared her creation on the platform, which showed her having a mini ‘fashion show’ and twirling right in front of a FairPrice Finest outlet.

Woman sews plastic bags to form a gown

On Friday (13 May), the woman shared her entire design process on a TikTok video.

First, she gathered stacks of plastic bags before showing sketching out the design of the dress in a notebook.

The dress had a distinct FairPrice logo on the front.

Next, she started sewing the plastic bags together.

And voilà. Her video showed the end product — a gown made entirely of FairPrice plastic bags.

As evident from the video, multiple rows of the bags were neatly aligned and attached to form the skirt.

Woman sashays with a plastic bag gown at FairPrice Finest outlet

The satisfied designer probably thought that it’d be a waste to display the dress or wear it at home, as we later see her sashaying right at the entrance of a FairPrice Finest outlet.

She wastes no time in showing off the dress in its full glory.

One lady even squatted to take pictures of the woman while she posed elegantly with a few stalks of pink flowers.

While many might have wondered how the woman travelled to the outlet with the dress in the first place, she shared a few videos of her in the toilet, presumably getting ready with the dress.

Similarly, many shoppers quickly snapped pictures of the woman and her unique dress.

She previously made a dress out of 4D tickets

If you find the woman familiar, chances are you’ve previously seen viral clips of her donning a dress made entirely out of lottery tickets.

In March, she had made a dress with 4D tickets that amounted to almost S$20,000 worth of bets placed.

Many netizens have since hailed her as the “Queen of 4D”.

Now the Queen of FairPrice?

Once again, the TikToker’s creativity in making this plastic bag gown has left many of us awestruck.

While it may not be an everyday dress, we’re certain that her creation has stood out from the crowd.

What kind of dress do you think she will create next? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured images adapted from @lambeturahtkw on TikTok.

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