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S’pore Grab Driver Misses Far Pick-Up Bonus By Mere Centimetres After Completing 2.99km Trip

Grab Driver In Singapore Misses Out On $3 Far Pick-Up Bonus

Passengers’ complaints about their unpleasant experiences with the ride-hailing platform Grab are aplenty online.

But rarely do we get such posts from drivers shedding light on their personal encounters. Recently, an alleged Grab driver shared about their unfortunate near miss of a far pick-up bonus.

They took to Facebook to air their grievance, noting that the miss was down to the most minute figures.

Grab Driver misses out on S$3 bonus by a few centimetres

On 7 Feb, the alleged Grab driver shared their recent communications with Grab’s Help Centre via the Singapore Private Hire Car Drivers & Riders Community on Facebook.

The screenshot was Grab’s response to a driver who had not received their Far Pick-up bonus.

Source: Singapore Private Hire Car Drivers & Riders Community on Facebook

Grab’s customer service explained that the driver did not travel far enough to pick up the passenger.

It goes on to specify a particularly precise number for the actual distance the driver apparently covered.

Grab driver didn’t travel far enough to meet the bonus requirements

According to Grab‘s website, drivers have to travel at least 3km to pick up a passenger to qualify for the incentive.

Going by the number in the screenshot, the driver missed the mark by just a few centimetres.

Grab’s website further explains that distances are calculated using the GrabNav Map Navigation.

It also states that if a job qualifies for the Far Pick-up bonus, the driver will be notified on the in-transit screen.

Other Grab drivers share their experiences on the app

The post sparked a barrage of comments with some Grab drivers claiming that they’ve faced similar issues.

One Facebook user alleged that his passenger was 3.3km away from his location but Grab calculated a shorter distance.

Source: Facebook

Other drivers provided suggestions to circumvent such issues.

One user said it would be helpful to directly call Grab’s customer service line.

Source: Facebook

Another reminds drivers to immediately take a screenshot of the GPS as proof.

Source: Facebook

Drivers should be more vigilant when using app

While it’s unfortunate that the driver missed out on the bonus by such a slim margin, we’re glad to see other drivers offering help to address the matter.

Whether it’s a system issue or the driver genuinely not hitting the minimum distance required is unclear, so let’s refrain from speculating.

Hopefully, though, all drivers will be more aware of the requirements they need to meet to qualify for various incentives.

And if the driver was truly denied of his bonus, we hope he’ll be able to resolve the matter soon.

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Featured images adapted from Singapore Private Hire Car Drivers & Riders Community on Facebook and mhong84 on Shutterstock via TechRadar.

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