GrabFood Rider Gets Surprise Coffee Treat After Spilling Order, Feels Grateful

GrabFood Rider Receives Surprise Drink From Coffee Bean Staff

Coffee Bean fans are some of the most ardent ones out there. After all, they are always championing the brand even in the face of the “greener” competition.

Perhaps it’s for good reason too.

According to a Facebook post shared on 27 Sep, a Coffee Bean staff had allegedly treated a GrabFood rider to a drink when he returned after dropping an order.

The staff member whipped up an extra order of the spilt drink and handed it over to the anxious delivery rider.

The food delivery rider was taken aback by the staff’s act of kindness but was ultimately grateful for it.

GrabFood rider accidentally drops Coffee Bean drink on delivery

In the Facebook post shared in the Grab Heroes Facebook group, the rider shared his experience with a kind Coffee Bean staff member.


The rider had apparently dropped a drink order during one of his jobs.

He was feeling particularly anxious as it was the first time in his short career as a rider where he made a mistake like this.

With trepidation, he contacted Grab’s customer service to advise him on his next course of action.

The customer service suggested that he complete the delivery job and inform the customer to contact them instead.


Coffee Bean staff gives rider a drink on the house

Hearing this, he approached the customer’s house, with the spilt drink in hand.

He then explained the situation to the customer and offered to even purchase a replacement drink out of his own pocket.

The customer must have sensed that the rider was extremely nervous and anxious, and so told him that it would be alright if he could get a replacement for her instead of asking for a refund.

The rider duly obliged and made his way back to the Coffee Bean outlet at Lot 1, explaining the situation to the staff who quickly got to work on a replacement.

After making the payment and waiting 5 minutes, the staff returned with not 1 but 2 drinks in hand.

Handing the drinks over, the Coffee Bean staff told him that one of the drinks was actually for him. Hearing this, he was taken aback by her kindness, thanking her profusely.

The rider then returned back to the customer and after receiving her drink, reassured him that the whole incident was a non-issue.

Kudos to the Coffee Bean staff and customer

We don’t know what the Coffee Bean staff had to manoeuvre to get an extra drink for the rider but kudos to her for doing so.

Similarly, kudos to the customer for being understanding and patient.

Making a mistake at any job is a terrifying idea to entertain but the kindness that everyone showed in reassuring the rider that it was not a big deal is encouraging.

After all, these riders are pandemic heroes and there’s no better way to show our appreciation than treating them to a drink.

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Featured image adapted from MS News & Facebook.

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