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M’sian GrabFood Rider Upset Customer Opens Door Late, Feels Sorry Upon Seeing Wheelchair-Bound Uncle

GrabFood Rider Nearly Scolds Customer Until He Sees It’s An Uncle In A Wheelchair

While it’s not mandatory, some food delivery personnel prefer to hand orders directly to customers to ensure they receive them.

So when a GrabFood rider in Malaysia found himself waiting too long for the customer to open the door, he grew upset. But when an uncle in a wheelchair answered, his heart immediately broke and he felt guilty for feeling any anger.

He shared his encounter in a TikTok video, which went viral and garnered many encouraging comments.

Rider grows impatient when customer takes too long to open door

In a TikTok video on Friday (22 Sep), user @irfanrizam_ posted about his recent experience delivering an order as a GrabFood delivery partner.

Describing the incident as one that made him feel guilty, he detailed how he was delivering GrabFood orders as normal that day.

Upon arriving at the location, he tried to call the customer but to no avail. This first letdown already affected his mood.

Since the weather was rather hot that day too, Irfan felt all the more agitated.

Remarks stated customer was disabled but rider apprehensive

After waiting for a few minutes, Irfan said he heard somebody asking him to open the main gate and enter the home’s compounds.

Source: @irfanrizam_ on TikTok

At this point, he revealed that the remarks in the order stated that the customer is a person with disabilities or “orang kurang upaya (OKU)”. However, a sceptical Irfan initially didn’t believe it.


That was until the sliding door opened before him and an uncle in a wheelchair appeared, with one leg clearly amputated at the knee.

Source: @irfanrizam_ on TikTok

Immediately, Irfan claimed that his heart went weak and he became speechless, as his eyes filled with tears.

GrabFood rider feels bad for being angry at uncle

The rider admitted that he felt stupid for being angry at the uncle without assessing the situation properly first.

His heart broke even more when he saw the uncle smiling upon receiving the food that someone had apparently ordered for him.

Source: @irfanrizam_ on TikTok

Realising that he didn’t understand the uncle’s situation correctly before making any judgements, Irfan confessed his utter guilt.

He was moved to ask the uncle where the rest of his family was, but couldn’t find the heart to, as he was simply too sad.

The caption to his post reflected how he likely felt at that moment, saying, “Forgive me” in Malay.

Apologises for being angry silently

Walking away from the encounter, Irfan expressed his apology to the customer who placed the order for the uncle. He wrote,

Forgive me for not believing you and inadvertently getting angry in my heart due to the heat outside. May you stay healthy and all your affairs be eased.

In response to the video, viewers flooded the comments section with their own similar experiences. Others assured Irfan that feeling angry is human but what’s important is that he learns from it later.

Many praised him for being honest with his experience and wished the uncle well.

Hopefully, the uncle will continue to stay healthy, and others will learn from this incident to exercise patience and thoughtfulness towards one another.

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Featured image adapted from @irfanrizam_ on TikTok.

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