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Beijing 101 Hair Loss Treatment Is $40 Till 31 May, Help Mum Regain Her Youthful Tresses

Pamper Mum With Beijing 101’s Hair Loss Treatment This Mother’s Day

Our mums may blame the weather, their diets, or work-related stress for their hair loss, but we all know motherhood can be equally unforgiving because it’s not easy to take care of kids.

Now that you’re all grown up, you may be pulling your own hair out now over what to gift her this Mother’s Day. Perhaps, it’s time to consider Beijing 101’s hair loss treatment.

At only $40, you’ll be giving mum the pampering she deserves, without provoking her ire again over how much you spend.

Here’s what mum can look forward to on her special day.

Tailored treatment for specific hair problems

Though mum often gets her latest news or hot goss via WhatApps WhatsApp, tips to regain youthful tresses should come from an expert.

Thankfully, Beijing 101 hair consultants are pros in that field, and will conduct an in-depth analysis of mum’s hair and scalp condition before recommending a treatment.

Before treatment begins, the hair consultant will ask about mum’s dietary, exercise, sleep, and other lifestyle habits as part of the assessment.

Don’t worry if mum’s the type to go, “Huh?” at cheem terms, as the hair consultant will break down useful info about scalp care for her to understand easily.

A super close look at her scalp condition

Mums typically have a keen eye for finer details, which is why yours would appreciate the scalp scan conducted at Beijing 101.

Literally zooming in on her scalp, the hair consultant will show mum the current condition it’s in.

Now she can scrutinise the surface of her scalp without squinting, and find out what the root of her hair fall problem is.

Be it breakage, clogged pores, or a greasy scalp, the scan will illuminate her problem areas, and enable the Hair Consultant to come up with a treatment to address her exact issues.

Product application & massage for ultimate relaxation

The treatment starts off with a customised herbal mask application, followed by a herbal hair wash, tonic application, and a meridian scalp massage.

The massage in particular will put mum at ease, while hopefully rubbing all her headaches away.

And if that’s not enough, perhaps the hair wash that comes after the 20-minute product absorption will flush her anxieties down the drain.

A scalp treatment tonic packed with precious TCM herbs will then be applied, keeping mum’s head feeling refreshed, as if all her headaches had magically disappeared.

Rightfully so, too, as another scan at the end will show just how clean her scalp will be compared to before.

Before (top) and after (bottom), with visibly less grease & flakiness

With mum sporting a healthier scalp and more youthful tresses, don’t be surprised if the uncle at the coffee shop asks who your new ‘sister’ is.

Beijing 101 Hair Consultants will help mum regain her youthful locks

Whatever the cause of mum’s headache and hair loss may be, scheduling an appointment for her at Beijing 101 will certainly help relieve her problems.

At just $40, down from the original $502, she’ll get to enjoy a full pampering sesh as part of the 4-step Advanced Hair & Scalp Revival Treatment.

This comprises:

  • 1-on-1 hair & scalp analysis and consultation
  • Customised mask
  • Herbal hair wash
  • Signature Meridian Herbal Scalp Treatment
  • Oxy3 Scalp Treatment

Mum will be so happy you scored such a sweet deal that she’ll be beaming with pride like the one time you scored straight A’s in an exam.

If that’s the joy you’d like to give her this Mother’s Day, hurry and book an appointment at any of the 7 Beijing 101 outlets islandwide. The promo only lasts till 31 May, so don’t waste your time. To book your appointment, simply fill in the form here.

Treat mum to some R&R this Mother’s Day

After taking care of the family and nearly pulling her hair out over everyone’s problems, mum deserves a day of ultimate rest and relaxation.

What better way to give her that than by booking a hair spa day for her, where an expert will solve her problems instead and chase her worries away.

She’ll head home afterwards much happier and contented, ready to take on a new day while swishing her thicker tresses around like she’s in a shampoo commercial.

Now that’s a Mother’s Day Special she’ll be grateful for, and she’ll have you to thank for it.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Beijing 101 Hair Consultants.

Featured image by TheSmartLocal.

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