Neon Pastel Beach In Cebu Has A Rose-Tinted Pool & Rainbow Cabanas

Happy Beach Resort In Cebu Is A Pastel Paradise

Remember the amazing inflatable unicorn island at Zambales, Philippines?


The Happy Beach is a boutique resort in Cebu, Philippines birthed by the same creators. They promise that it’s even bigger and better than its predecessor.


Described as an island paradise come to life with massive inflatables, a world-famous unicorn island, colorful lounges and a humongous pink pool, The Happy Beach opens on 15 Dec, and it looks like everyone’s raring to visit.


The official announcement is going viral on Facebook with more than 17,000 comments and 42,000 shares at the time of writing.


Excited to book a trip? Here’s what you can expect from this stunning pastel beach retreat.


1. Gorgeous pink pool

Clear blue waters are a must-have for any island, but The Happy Beach’s humongous pink pool will definitely put a smile on your face.


Imagine soaking up the sun while swimming knee-deep in rose-tinted water. Katy Perry herself would approve.


2. Rainbow lounges galore

Lounge around on their neon orange daybeds while tapping your feet to California Gurls, or relax in absolute bliss with a cocktail in hand.


Palm trees usually conjure the image of a tropical paradise, but The Happy Beach proves that their extensive palm grove looks even better.


Each daybed comes with their signature “tampipi” feast and two free towels. You could spend hours enjoying the heat of the sun or taking pastel-themed selfies for Instagram.

3. Colorful cabanas

Don’t want to frantically kick and flap to keep your head above water? You can ride their cute animal floats while enjoying the island breeze.


Or watch the clear blue skyline while lying down on their gigantic pink flamingos.


4. Floating unicorn island

If you want to check out the unicorn island, also known as the biggest floating playground in all of Asia, then there’s no better time to book a trip.

Spanning over 4,500 sqm, it’s about the size of 9 basketball courts.


There’s tons to do at this giant playground.

Have a splashing fun time at their obstacle course which you can do at your own pace. They have inflatables slides, bridges, human launchers, towers and so much more!


Walking and running definitely sounds like a challenge, because the floating grounds are slippery and wet.

Be daredevil at their Happy Swings by taking a leap of faith and experiencing the thrill of jumping right to the sea.


Or embrace your wild side and show off your acrobatic skills like flipping, tumbling or diving.


5. Hues of pink everywhere

Take a break from reality in their rooms swathed in comforting hues of pinks.


Each room includes a queen-sized bed, a double deck and pull-out beds. One room can accommodate 6 people at most, so you can bring your entire family or friends along.

Getting there & booking your stay

Here’s how to get to this pastel paradise.

You can book a flight from Singapore to Mactan-Cebu International Airport on Scoot, Cebu Pacific or AirAsia. You can then take a 30-minute taxi ride to Angasil Port.


From there, ride their Happy Boats and cruise around Cebu’s restaurants, shops and landmarks to reach the resort.


An All-Day Beach Pass starts at PHP 699 (S$19), a Happy Jungle and Pink Pool Pass starts at PHP 1500 (S$40), and A Happy Room will cost you PHP 5999 (S$157) per night, which is a fair price for an unconventional getaway.


Visit the website to book your tickets now during their pre-opening sale.


Now go forth and have a magical holiday.

Featured image from The Happy Beach PH.

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