HDB-Approved Dog Urgently Needs A Home Or May Be Euthanised, NGO Will Sponsor Training

HDB-Approved Dog Needs A Home ASAP Or Risks Being Put Down

Every dog deserves a furever home. However, for some furkids, finding a good home requires a fosterer that can accommodate their unique needs.

On Wednesday (16 Mar), non-profit group Exclusively Mongrels Limited shared the plight of Kona — an HDB-approved dog with multiple bite incidents and a resource guarding issue.

After consulting a vet, his adopters have had to make the difficult decision to either rehome or euthanise him.


Hoping to give Kona another chance at life, Exclusively Mongrels is appealing for a competent fosterer to come forward. Here’s what you need to know.

HDB-approved dog urgently needs a home

In a Facebook post on Wednesday (16 Mar), Exclusively Mongrels Limited wrote that Kona was adopted from them back in 2019. However, he will be heading to the pound very soon.


Back in December, Kona’s adopters apparently contacted the non-profit organisation (NGO) and requested to rehome Kona.

They explained their struggle after multiple bite incidents which could have occurred due to fear and resource guarding issues.


After consulting a vet, they arrived at the difficult decision to either rehome or euthanise Kona. Exclusively Mongrels claimed that the adopters declined their offer to pay for the canine’s rehab training.

Euthanisation likely if unable to find a home

To prevent his euthanisation, the NGO is hoping to find a competent fosterer who will oversee Kona’s rehabilitation training.

Here are their requirements for the ideal foster:

  • A home without kids and elderly
  • Household with singles or couples only
  • Patient fosterer with experience and willingness to help Kona

If anyone meets these requirements, Exclusively Mongrels will pay for Kona’s full training costs.

They explained that putting Kona in a kennel will not be helpful, which is why finding a new home for him would be ideal.

Their urgent post is their final attempt to find him a fosterer. Once Kona is taken away, he will likely be put down.

To find out more about how you can help Kona, you may reach out to Exclusively Mongrels Limited via their Facebook page here.

Hope Kona will find a loving home

Despite the adopters’ best intentions, we should not judge them for making the decision they did. After all, different people may have different capacities for taking care of a pet.

Moving forward, we can only hope that Kona will find a loving home, with dedicated owners who will see through his training.

Let’s hope that Kona will be just fine and lead a long and happy life.

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Featured image adapted from Exclusively Mongrels Limited on Facebook.

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