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S’pore Domestic Helpers Must Have Mandatory Rest Day To Recharge & Bond: Gan Siow Huang

Mandatory Day Off & 24/7 Helpline Among Other Measures To Support Helpers

Migrant domestic workers are a permanent fixture in Singapore, helping us balance our work and home commitments more efficiently. Sadly, they do not always meet employers who look out for them.

To resolve this issue, Minister of State for Manpower (MOM) Gan Siow Huang highlighted upcoming measures to assist migrant domestic workers.

These measures, first mentioned in Jul 2021, will be implemented at the end of the year.

Ms Gan Siow Huang highlights measures to assist helpers

Speaking at the NTUC May Day Domestic Workers Celebration 2022 on Sunday (22 May), Ms Gan said the measures would help in looking after the welfare of helpers in Singapore.

Source: CDE 22 May Live Show on Vimeo

In Jul 2021, MOM had said employers would be required to give their domestic workers one compulsory day off each month.

This off day cannot be compensated away with cash.

On Sunday, Ms Gan said the day off would help domestic workers form a support network outside the household or workplace. In addition, they would be able to get a break and recharge.

She added that MOM would introduce more programmes and activities for helpers to spend their rest days fruitfully. This will be done in collaboration with the Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE) and other community partners.

MOM has further partnered with CDE to conduct check-in interviews with newly arrived workers during their initial months of employment. Ambassadors from CDE have befriended helpers to assist as well.


In addition, CDE’s 24/7 helpline will enable domestic workers to seek help in their native language.

Ms Gan Siow Huang thanks helpers for their hard work

Sunday’s virtual event saw numerous performances by domestic workers.

Ms Gan also took the opportunity to thank helpers for striving to care for their employers, even during the pandemic.

She added,

Let’s work together to build a culture of mutual respect and care for our migrant domestic workers.

NTUC Central Committee member Raymond Chin noted that many helpers have been unable to return to their own country for two to three years due to the pandemic.

Mr Chin acknowledged their sacrifice and praised them for their hard work in providing aid for many working parents.

“Your hard work is appreciated, and it means a lot to our families,” he said.

Let’s continue to support our helpers

Domestic workers in Singapore are fundamental to our society as they help us juggle the demands of work and home.

That said, we may sometimes forget that they too have their own families and are in a foreign place away from home.

With these measures, the Government will hopefully be able to provide helpers with a safer and more supportive environment to live and work in.

On our part, we can do our best to treat our helpers fairly and foster a healthy relationship with them.

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Featured image adapted from CDE 22 May Live Show on Vimeo and United Channel.

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