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Hit-and-run accident involving 5 vehicles on BKE sends 2 to hospital

Hit-and-run accident on BKE sends 2 motorists to the hospital

A hit-and-run accident occurred on the Bukit Timah Expressway in the morning hours of 20 May. Five vehicles were involved in the accident that caused two motorists to be sent to the hospital.

Police investigations are still ongoing.

Hit-and-run accident on BKE involving 5 vehicles

At around 8.20am on 20 May, police were alerted to a hit-and-run accident. In response to MS News inquiries, police say the accident involved a car, a lorry, a bus, and two motorcycles.

The incident occurred on the Bukit Timah Expressway headed towards Woodlands.

Source: SG Road Vigilante on Facebook

Two injuries and a wrecked blue bus

Footage of the accident’s aftermath was posted on the Facebook page SG Road Vigilante – SGRV.

The video showed multiple motorcyclists huddled around two injured men, who can be seen lying on the ground. The two injured men were the two motorcyclists involved in the accident, aged 24 and 33.

Source: SG Road Vigilante on Facebook

Also shown in the footage was the extensive damage on the bus involved in the accident. The accident left the bus’ rear left severely damaged, with huge portions of the windows shattered. Additionally, one of its metal panels was missing.

The post on SG Road Vigilante – SGRV wrote that this was allegedly a Malaysian bus.

Netizens expressed their concerns about speeding vehicles in the comments, with one commenter saying that the BKE is prone to accidents from motorcyclists rushing to and from work.

Source: SG Road Vigilante on Facebook

Another commenter wrote that the blue buses can often be seen speeding in the morning at around 7am. The commenter claims that this might be due to the buses rushing to take more jobs and avoid traffic at customs.


Source: SG Road Vigilante on Facebook

Injured motorcyclists sent to hospital

Police also added that the two motorcyclists injured in the accident were conscious and transported to the hospital for treatment.

The case is still under investigation by the police.

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Featured image adapted from SG Road Vigilante on Facebook.

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