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HK Woman Reportedly Confesses To Killing 3 Daughters, Initially Accused Husband Of Doing It

HK Woman Confesses To Killing 3 Daughters Aged Two, Four & Five By Suffocation

While death may sometimes be at the hands of random stranger, it may often come from somebody close to you.

A woman in Hong Kong reportedly confessed to killing her three young daughters by suffocating them to death in their own home.

Source: 香港電台視像新聞 RTHK VNEWS on Facebook

She had initially accused her husband of doing it.

HK woman calls mother, admits to killing daughters

The alleged murder took place on Monday (5 June) at a subdivided flat in Sham Shui Po, reported the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

The 29-year-old woman reportedly called her mother that morning, telling her that she had killed the girls, aged two, three and five.

At 11am, the mother and brother called the police, who went to the woman’s home.

Source: HK01

HK woman accuses husband of killing daughters

After the woman let them in, the police found the bedroom door locked and broke it down.

They found the three girls unconscious on the bed. Two pillows and some blood were also observed near them.

Their mother claimed her husband had stabbed the girls.

They were taken to hospital, where they later passed away.

Source: HK01

Ms Susan Chi, a community service volunteer, told SCMP she heard an “unusual noise” coming from their flat on the fifth floor at 11am — around the time the police arrived.

She later witnessed a “heartbreaking” sight — the police bringing out motionless children. One girl’s face was pale and another one was on a stretcher, she said.

Mother confesses to killing daughters

However, the three girls were found to have died from suffocation and had no knife wounds, contradicting the woman’s claim that her husband had stabbed them, reported The Standard.

Blood was also observed at the mouth and nose area of one of the girls.

The woman later confessed to having been responsible for the killings.

She was also incoherent, talking about ghosts at one point. Thus, she would be sent to hospital for a psychiatric assessment.

Her husband was later brought to the scene of the incident to assist in the investigations.

Source: HK01

Couple had marital problems, might be related to killings

Police Superintendent Alan Chung told the media on-site that the couple had a troubled relationship.

While the police were considering all possible motives, the killings might be related to the woman not wanting to give up her daughters in the event of a divorce, he said.

She and her three girls were living on welfare and had moved into the 200 sq ft flat after suspecting her husband had had an affair.

The woman had no history of mental illness, the police added.

The HK Social Welfare Department said the mother and daughters were being helped by a non-governmental organisation.

Source: 劉佩玉 on Facebook

Hong Kong’s chief imam Muhammad Arshad told SCMP that said her husband had asked him for help with his marital problems. While he wanted to reconcile and live with his daughters, his wife didn’t want them to live with him or even see him, he said.

MS News extends our deepest condolences to the relatives of the three girls. Family tragedies are always distressing, and we hope they can find comfort eventually.

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Featured image adapted from 香港電台視像新聞 RTHK VNEWS on Facebook and HK01.

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