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10-Storey ICA Service Centre Opening In 2023 Will Shorten Queues For Passports & NRICs

The New ICA Service Centre Will Be Located Next To Lavender Building

From 2023, Singaporeans will be able to collect their passports and NRICs from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) within a shorter period of time.

This is thanks to ICA’s new “one-stop” service centre which will open by 2023.

The building was announced on Friday (10 May) by Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam during ICA’s annual workplan seminar.

Customers can collect documents within 15 minutes

Plans for the new service centre were made with the aim of meeting “growing demands and managing crowds

The new service centre will feature “high-tech self-service kiosks” which will allow customers to collect documents like passports and NRICs within just 15 minutes.

This express collection process is made possible using a new robotic system called iSMART which helps to store and deliver documents.

Here’s a demo of the iSMART system:

The new system will be more convenient as compared to the current process, where customers have to make appointments with ICA officers to collect their documents.

Will be located adjacent to current ICA building

ICA’s new service centre will be built on the open-air carpark currently located next to the ICA building in Lavender.



That said, the design of the service centre has yet to be revealed. It also remains unknown when the open-air carpark will be closed to allow for the construction of the new service centre.

ICA’s existing building will undergo upgrading works once the new service centre is ready.

Hope the new service centre will cut down on waiting time

Props to ICA and folks from the Home Affairs Ministry for their foresight and determination in making the document collection process more convenient for customers.

We look forward to the new ICA Service Centre and have no doubts that Singaporeans will enjoy the accelerated process in the future.

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