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Jalan Besar Hotel Guests Allegedly Bitten By Bedbugs During Stay, Offered Full Refund & Apology

Jalan Besar Hotel Gives Full Refund After Guests Suffer Bedbug Bites

When on holiday, tourists will often book hotel rooms or other accommodations to get some rest after long hours of travelling.

Since one would expect some comfort and relaxation, the worst nightmare would be waking up in the middle of the night with itches all over your body.

Unfortunately, this was what happened to two hotel guests who were in Singapore for a holiday. They allegedly found themselves bitten by bedbugs while staying in a hotel in Jalan Besar.

Source: Facebook

The two friends later shared their traumatic experience online to raise public awareness. They also asked for the hotel to do a thorough cleaning of their premises.

The hotel has since apologised and compensated the guests with a full refund.

Hotel guests find bed bugs on Jalan Besar hotel bed

On 18 Jun, one of the hotel guests took to Facebook to share about her unpleasant experience while staying at a hotel in Jalan Besar.

In her post, she alleged that she could not sleep well on the first night as she kept scratching herself “non-stop throughout the night”.

To their horror, they found not one, but two bedbugs on their bed.

Source: Facebook

Upon discovering the bugs, the OP informed the hotel staff who later gave them a new room. The staff also reportedly assured them that they had engaged pest control services to help clean the room.

Hotel guests find bedbugs in second room

Sadly, more trouble followed in their new room, where the OP woke up on the second night to find another bedbug on the bed.


This time, she acknowledged that the staff were “friendly and helpful” and offered to wash their clothing. However, she still expressed her disappointment in the fact that the hotel didn’t offer any medical compensation or refund for the room.

The incident allegedly left both the OP and her friend with many “itches and ugly rashes” all over their bodies. The OP claimed that her friend even had rashes “popping out every minute” on her skin.

Source: Facebook

Speaking to MS News, the OP said that they posted their unpleasant experience online as they felt that the staff neither cared to answer their calls nor check if they required any medical assistance.

Hence, the pair hope to raise awareness regarding the incident while urging the hotel to clean their premises thoroughly.

Hotel provided compensation, gave full refund

In response to queries from MS News, the hotel expressed their regret over the fact that the guests had an unpleasant experience during their stay.

They added that upon learning of the incident, they had taken swift action and provided prompt assistance to their guests. This included changing the guests’ room by providing a complimentary upgrade and offering complimentary laundry services.

They also activated pest control for the first room. As for the second, they shared that their housekeeper found a few bugs but no eggs.

The hotel also reiterated that they have a weekly pest control service and that any suspected activity will be reported. The room will then undergo some pest control management which entails a minimum 6-day isolation period.

They emphasised that this particular case was an isolated incident. The hotel has allegedly not detected any other similar issues on their premises.

Following some checks, the hotel’s pest control vendor reportedly found only a few adult bed bugs in the affected rooms. They thus concluded that it was very likely that the bugs were “brought in with luggage in the days prior to the incident”.

The hotel has since processed a full refund of what they received for the affected booking and hopes the compensation can “provide some comfort for the affected guests in these challenging times.”

Hope affected parties can put this incident behind them

Seeing the unpleasant consequences that the guests have had to endure, we can only imagine how terrifying their experiences must have been.

Thankfully, the hotel staff tried their best to rectify the problems promptly, albeit not to the guests’ expectations.

Now that they’ve offered compensation, we hope that both parties will be able to put this incident behind them.

We also hope that the guests will be able to recover smoothly.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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