Japanese Astronaut Captures S’pore From Space, Says He Once Studied Here For 2 Years

Japanese Astronaut Sends Singapore Greetings From Space, Says He Went To High School Here

Using Google Earth is cool and all, but seeing Singapore from space is another level altogether.

A Japanese astronaut, who is currently in space, shouts out to Singapore from his spacecraft.

Apparently, he’d studied here for 2 years at the United World College of South East Asia (UWCEA).


Sending greetings from space, the renowned Japanese astronaut asks if anyone can spot his school from the high-res satellite capture.

Japanese astronaut captures Singapore from space

On Tuesday (11 May), Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide – known as Aki for short – posted a view of Singapore from space on Twitter.


According to the International Space Station (ISS), Aki and 3 others aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft lifted off to space on Apr 23.

Having been at ISS ever since, the commander sends greetings to the little red dot, where he schooled for 2 years.

Replying to his tweet, a netizen pinpoints the location of UWCSEA in Dover — on the west side of Singapore.



However, the school, in fact, has another campus on the other side of Singapore — in Tampines.

But since he attended UWCEA in the 1980s, the only campus around was the Dover campus, with the Tampines one opening in 2010.

3rd Japanese astronaut to walk in space

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Aki did his first spacewalk back in 2012.

Having become an astronaut in 2001, Aki is the 3rd Japanese to ever walk in space.


Currently living at the ISS, Aki shares glimpses of his life in outer space on social media.

On Tuesday (11 May), he tweeted a photo of him keeping up with exercises as weightlessness weakens the muscles.


While he ran about 5.6km that day, the ISS he’s in flew about 16,190km — more than the diameter of the Earth, which is 12,742km.

Greetings from Singapore, too

It’s certainly another realm of coolness to capture our tiny red dot from outer space.

In response to Aki’s shoutout, we in Singapore also send out greetings to the ISS.

We hope you have fun up there and keep sharing your life with us earthlings.

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Featured image adapted from Twitter and Facebook.

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