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Johor Couple In Fatal Accident Crossed Causeway Daily For 11 Years To Save Costs

Johor Couple Pass Away In Accident Along Tuas Second Link

Earlier this week, news emerged that a pregnant lady and her husband met with a fatal accident while en route to work in Singapore.

More information has since come to light regarding the couple from Johor.

Speaking to Chinese news sites, the elder sister of the pregnant woman shared that the couple had been travelling across the Causeway daily for the past 11 years to save costs.

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The female victim was reportedly six months pregnant at the time of the accident. The couple left behind a two-year-old son who broke down upon learning about the tragedy that befell his parents.

Johor couple meets fatal accident after crossing Causeway daily for 11 years

According to Shin Min Daily News, the accident took place at about 7am on Thursday (16 Mar) along Tuas Second Link.

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The victims were identified to be 36-year-old Liu Jinchang and 30-year-old Chen Liru (names transliterated from Chinese). Liru was reportedly six months pregnant at the time of the accident.

Speaking to the Chinese news site, Liru’s elder sister Chin Liqin (name transliterated from Chinese) said the couple were on the way to Singapore for work when tragedy struck.

Liqin also told 8world News that the couple, prior to their demise, had travelled daily between Singapore and Johor for the past 11 years without any issues.

This was despite her advice to simply stay in Singapore or opt for carpooling arrangements. The couple reportedly wanted to save costs.


Pregnant lady was diligent & responsible

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, Liru’s employer shared that the deceased had planned on applying to be a Singapore Permanent Resident this year.

Liru reportedly worked at a hardware shop in Singapore for the past two years and was described as a responsible and diligent worker.

Therefore, her boss sensed something amiss when he did not hear from her on the morning of the accident.

He only learned about the tragedy from Liru’s sister later that morning.

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Couple leaves behind 2-year-old son

Apart from the child they were expecting, the couple also had a two-year-old son.

On weekdays, the boy was reportedly under the care of his grandparents, who live with the family in Johor.

The child apparently cried on Thursday (16 Mar) night after learning of his parents’ demise.

MS News expresses our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

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