Jumbo Mahjong Set Lets You Exercise Both Mind & Body, Keep Fit When Trying To ‘Pong’

Giant Mahjong Set Keeps Both Your Mind & Body Active When Trying To “Pong”

Many of us grew up with the sound of tiles clacking, muffled speech and loud laughter from our relatives playing mahjong.

While mopai – touching mahjong tiles – is normally done seated around a table, things can get pretty wild if you’re playing on the “table” among plushie-sized tiles.


This life-sized mahjong game in China allows you to mopai while getting your daily workout checked.

Jumbo mahjong set needs both your brain & brawn

In a video by South China Moring Post (SCMP), a group of players are seen engaging in an unusual mahjong round.

Instead of a table, it’s more like a playing field. And instead of using your 2 fingers to kiap a tile, you need your 2 hands.


According to SCMP, just shuffling the tiles requires physical strength as you need to get yourself in the middle of it, quite literally.


Picking the tiles up and piling them in order is no easy feat either. Just a few rounds of this super-sized mahjong can suffice for your daily dose of cardio.



If you still can get a shi san yao (the 13 wonders many of us can only daydream about) like this lady here, we think it might just be a testament to both your brain and body power.


Netizens in a frenzy over the concept

Seeing this footage online has got many mahjong kakis going head over heels, all eager to wager a round or 2 at the life-sized rendition.

One netizen has aptly brought up the upcoming Chinese New Year, when family and friends typically gather for a few rounds of the game.


Some have also pointed to the obvious advantage of this supersized game, as it can be a great activity to get the entire family on their feet.


One particular mahjong enthusiast frankly referred to the game as the “only way” to make them exercise.


Another netizen reminded us through a joke that this jumbo mahjong game fits perfectly with our social distancing rules.


Perfect for CNY gatherings & the occasional cardio sesh

In agreement with the netizens, we think this mahjong game looks like a lot of fun.

We hope that one day this game will arrive on our shores, so our mahjong kakis can pong tiles while getting the cardio equivalent to playing ping pong.

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