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Cat Still Stranded On Kallang Roof After 9 Days, Authorities Called Out For Delayed Action

Cat Still Stuck On Kallang Condo Roof After Trap Proves Unsuccessful

For the past few days, Singaporeans have been anxiously following the case of a cat that has been stuck on the roof of Petain Court, an apartment complex in Kallang.

The news first broke on Saturday (12 Mar), when a Facebook user shared about it in the Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats group. At that point, the cat had allegedly been stuck on the roof for 7 days already.

Unfortunately, it seems that help might still take some time to reach the poor feline.


As of today (15 Mar), the cat is still stuck on the roof of Petain Court.

According to various accounts, authorities such as NParks and the Animal Veterinary Service (AVS) have been slow to respond. While contractors had placed a cat trap on the roof, it has thus far been unsuccessful in rescuing the animal.

Netizens have thus been calling out both NParks and AVS for the delay in taking action.

Cat trap for Kallang cat was unsuccessful

On Saturday night (12 Mar), Ms Lim, a member of the Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats Facebook group posted about the cat being stuck on the roof of Petain Court in Kallang.


Within the video, the cat was seen to be crying out for help. Hoping to assist the poor creature, Ms Lim rallied for support from local authorities.

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In her updates, Ms Lim shared that AVS had sent 2 contractors to Petain Court to set up a cat trap on Sunday (13 Mar).

However, the contractors could only set the trap up some distance away as many residential units allegedly didn’t allow access to the roof.

On Monday (14 Mar), an owner of a nearby unit under renovation came to know about the situation. He then kindly allowed access to open a hole in his roof, and place food near it.


The following day, the cat trap proved unsuccessful, as the feline did not appear to be falling for it.


Netizens call out NParks & AVS for delayed action

As of today (15 Mar), the cat has been stuck on the roof of Petain Court for 9 days, with little access to food.


Ms Lim has thus called out NParks for the delay in taking action, pointing out that she had first reached out to them on 7 Mar.

Contractors only set up the trap on 13 Mar. Ms Lim claimed that NParks subsequently removed it on 15 Mar after failing to capture the cat.

MP Denise Phua and representatives from the SPCA made it down to Petain Court on 14 Mar to receive real-time updates on the situation. According to Ms Lim, they were empathetic to the cause.

SPCA has also put out an official statement on their Instagram, explaining the reasons for the delayed rescue.


They cite the lack of resources in reaching the roof as a primary reason for the delay.

MS News has reached out to AVS for comments and will update the article accordingly when they get back.

Hope authorities will be more prompt in taking action

While the seemingly unending rescue attempts have been frustrating to witness, kudos go to Ms Lim who alerted the community and relevant authorities to the poor cats’ plight.

We’re sure cat lovers everywhere appreciate her dedication in working tirelessly to assist with the rescue operation over the past week.

We hope the rescue efforts will be able to move forward soon so that the feline can receive the nutrition it surely needs.

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