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4 Teens Under Police Investigation After Kid Gets Hit By Signboard In Chinatown

4 Teens Investigated By Police For Public Nuisance In Chinatown

UPDATE (10 Nov): 4 teens are currently being investigated for public nuisance following the incident. The article has been updated below.

Aside from cultural institutions and cheap eats, Chinatown is also home to a bustling night scene with famous dinner spots and bars.

Various patrons that may or may not consume drinks in moderation also pop up, which can lead to incidents of unsavoury behaviour.

A group of apparently drunk men appeared to be wreaking havoc in Chinatown, with one instance of one of the men flinging a signboard out of another man’s hands and at the direction of a kid caught on video.


Netizens who were apparently in the area that night came out in droves to testify against the men and hope the police would investigate the matter.

Men hurl signboard at kid outside Chinatown temple

A video shared by the Wake Up, Singapore Facebook page on Monday (8 Nov) showed a group of allegedly drunk men hurling a sign in the direction of a kid in Chinatown.

A man in black can be seen tailing behind another man in white, holding onto a signboard.

As he closed in on the man in white, the man in black slapped the signboard out of the man’s hand. This sent the signboard flying in the direction of the kid.



The kid then broke into tears with her mother confused and subsequently furious by the actions.

She can then be seen gesturing to the man in white to pursue the troublemakers before the video clip ends.

Netizens call for authorities to investigate matter

After the video was shared throughout social media, netizens came out in droves to provide testimonies against this group of men.

Allegedly, these men were not just throwing signboards around Chinatown but were being a general nuisance in the Outram Park area.


One netizen noted that they continued their mischievous ways in the MRT station and even stole a “Wet Floor” sign.


Lastly, a netizen at the scene noted that they had allegedly alighted at Lorong Chuan MRT station, but not before flouting Covid-19 safety measures.


Netizens also hope that the authorities can use these testimonies as a starting point for the investigations into this matter.

Police investigating 4 teens for public nuisance

According to The Straits Times, the incident took place outside the Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple at Keong Saik Road at 8.30pm on Monday (8 Nov).

Police are currently investigating 4 teenagers for public nuisance and dishonest misappropriation of property.

They caught 2 of the teens holding a ‘Wet Floor’ signage at Serangoon MRT station at 9.45pm, and confirmed that the pair were indeed the ones who were involved in the Keong Saik Road.

Further tracing led police to the other 2 teens and all 4 were nabbed.

Hope kid is not badly hurt

Drinking doesn’t have to breed bad behaviour, but this often seems to be the case.

Irresponsible drinking could lead to untoward incidents, such as unintentionally putting someone in harm’s way. Hence, we must be on best behaviour in public and consume alcohol in moderation.

Hopefully, the kid didn’t suffer severe injuries from the impact.

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Featured image adapted from Wake Up, Singapore on Facebook.

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