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Man In M’sia Allegedly Adopts Kittens To Feed His Pet Snake, Slammed For Cruelty

Woman Warns Of Man Who Allegedly Adopts Kittens To Feed Pet Snake

The thought of defenceless, innocent animals being subject to needless cruelty can be difficult to stomach.

Unfortunately, these cases have become all too common in the past few months.

Recently, a Malaysian woman took to Twitter to warn others against a man responsible for such misdeeds. He allegedly adopted kittens to feed them to his pet snake.

The man has received much criticism online and has gone private on his social media accounts. It is still unclear if the authorities are aware of the issue.

Man allegedly feeds kittens to pet snake

On Tuesday (7 Feb), the woman posted details of the situation to Twitter, warning cat owners to stay cautious.

Source: Twitter

She alleged that a man in his late 20s had been feeding his pet snake with kittens under the guise of adopting them.

In addition, she attached several screenshots to show what the man had apparently done to the kittens he had adopted.

Speaking to MS News, the woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said she came across his tweets when one of her friends retweeted a reply by him.

“It’s tiring enough to take care [or] nurse stray kittens back to health and even harder to find adopters for them,” she said. “It’s disheartening to see abusers kill off and laugh at our hard work like that.”

She added that such incidents could be even more traumatising for rescuers attempting to rehome the kittens, only to find out they were given to a killer.


Asks to adopt a kitten or rabbit under the guise of keeping another pet company

On 6 Jun last year, the man stated that he was looking for a pet kitten or rabbit to adopt.

Source: Twitter

“Hi all, do you know anyone who’s looking to let go of their kitten or rabbit? I would like to adopt. My Helga is lonely,” he said, choosing not to reveal that Helga referred to his pet snake.

A couple of interested users responded, admitting that they didn’t have kittens but were willing to sell their adult cats.

However, he turned them down, replying that such animals would be too big.

Reveals intentions to feed kittens to snake

His search seemed successful, as he eventually announced that he’d found a kitten for his snake.

Quoting a tweet from 9 Jan 2022, he thanked his followers for their help.

Source: Twitter

In the tweet from January, the man attached a picture of his pet snake, lamenting that he could only feed her with mice.

He continued, “Daddy will feed you with good food after I get those two things.”

Quoting another tweet posted on 20 Aug 2022, he detailed plans to attend a cat adoption drive to find more food for the snake.

Source: SAYS

His true colours were eventually revealed when a user tweeted recently, asking about reptile owners in Malaysia.

Source: Twitter

The man replied with a “tip”, saying that he and his friend would often go for kitten or rabbit adoptions to find food for their pet snakes.

Furious netizens slam him for cruelty

Needless to say, the man’s actions did not sit well with Malaysians at all.

Many criticised him for displaying such cruelty towards the kittens he’d adopted.

Source: Twitter

A few users also urged Malaysians to report the man and others like him to the appropriate local authorities.

Source: Twitter

They pointed out that he had also scammed the kittens’ original owners by pretending he would raise them as his own.

Yet another netizen noted that feeding snakes with these kittens could also be harmful.

Source: Twitter

According to her, bred mice meant to be fed to snakes usually contain beneficial nutrients.

Having received an onslaught of criticism, the man has gone private on his social media accounts. It is not yet known if authorities are aware of the situation, Hype Malaysia reports.

The woman told MS News that some in the community had reported the tweets and the man to the relevant agencies.

However, she admittedly has no clue if actions will be taken.

Such a situation can be understandably frightening for cat owners, who want the best for the kittens they put up for adoption.

Hopefully, a resolution to the matter will be found as soon as possible.

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Featured image adapted from Twitter and Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash. The image on the right is for illustration purposes only.

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