F1 Racer Lando Norris Criticises S’pore Taxi Uncle’s Driving, Claims Sudden Brakes Cause Whiplash

F1 Driver Lando Norris Complains About Singapore Taxi Uncle’s Sudden Brakes

Ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend, many F1 drivers have already arrived on our shores.

One of the earliest to step foot here was McLaren’s Lando Norris.

And within days, the driver has had something to say about our local taxi driver’s skills.

Source: landonorris on Instagram

Lando’s comments about the taxi driver’s poor “braking” and “sudden throttle technique” amused Singaporeans.

Screenshots of his Instagram Story later circulated and went viral online.

Lando says taxi uncle’s driving gave him whiplash

F1 drivers are trained to endure the pressures that come with driving at dangerously high speeds.

But even all that training has seemingly failed to prepare them to face our taxi uncles’ driving.

On Wednesday (28 Sep), F1 racer Lando Norris took to Instagram to share that he “got whiplash” while taking a taxi ride in Singapore.

He quipped that the driver needed to learn what “control over his feet” means due to his “braking and extremely sudden throttle technique”.

Nonetheless, Lando seemed to quite enjoy his ride. In his next Instagram story, the 22-year-old shared how his taxi has “got it all”.

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Source: landonorris on Instagram

A clip showed a rather elaborate setup on the taxi’s dashboard, with a screen playing a music video, a basket containing two bottles of tequila, and even shot glasses.

Disco lights elevated the ambience, almost making it look like Lando was in a club.

Singaporeans found comments relatable

Lando’s Instagram story amused many Singaporeans who went on to reshare it on various social media platforms.

The video made its way to TikTok, where viewers said that they found his comments relatable, with one exclaiming that drivers sometimes brake very abruptly.

Source: TikTok

This netizen said they were glad to find out they were not the only one who gets nauseous in cabs.

Source: TikTok

On Facebook, one netizen shared that although he got critiqued, the taxi driver was very fortunate to have had Lando as his passenger.

Source: Facebook

F1 drivers arrive in Singapore before race weekend

Announcing his arrival on our shores with an Instagram post on Monday (26 Sep), Lando Norris was one of the earliest F1 drivers to arrive here.

The 22-year-old shared pictures of himself hitting the streets of Singapore with a camera in hand, capturing our city.

Source: @landonorris on Instagram

On Wednesday (28 Sep) afternoon, Lando made an appearance outside Takashimaya for a joint event between Lego and McLaren.

He was greeted by huge mobs of fans waiting in the blistering afternoon sun for him.


Nice to meet you @Lando Norris, good luck this weekend😎 #F1 #FormulaOne #F122 #F1TikTok #F12022 #LandoNorris #McLarenF1

♬ Let’s Go Lando! – Pitstop Boys

Besides Lando, other F1 drivers such as Lewis Hamilton, Valterri Bottas, Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz, Zhou Guanyu, Fernando Alonso, and Pierre Gasly have also arrived in Singapore.

The drivers will be hitting the tracks for their practice session tomorrow (30 Sep).

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Featured image adapted from @landonorris on Instagram and Instagram.

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