Lawrence Wong Urges S’poreans To See Doctor If Sick, Infection Risk Much Higher In Phase 2

Lawrence Wong Urges Singaporeans To Visit Doctor If Sick, Be Vigilant During Phase 2

It looks like Phase 2 of reopening the economy is going smoothly, with daily community cases hovering around 10 and below, and more facilities set to open.

That said, Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong reminded Singaporeans to continue being vigilant, and to see the doctor if they show symptoms.


Though the situation has somewhat stabilised for now, it’s crucial that we continue taking every precaution we can to keep things under control, he said in a Multi-Ministry Taskforce press conference.

Visit doctor “even just for a sniffle”, says Lawrence Wong

Mr Wong urged Singaporeans to visit the doctor if they’re sick, or exhibiting any symptoms related to Covid-19.

He explained that since it’s now Phase 2 and people are mingling more, the risk of transmission has inevitably increased, reported The Straits Times (ST).


Should people continue to go about their day even though they feel slightly feverish or unwell, this increases the risk of spread even more, he added.

Thus, it’s crucial that all Singaporeans visit the doctor if they’re even a little bit sick, just to be safe.

Unknowingly infecting others a grave danger

The importance of seeing a doctor is to confirm that one isn’t infectious, ST reported Mr Wong said in the press conference.

It is “much safer” than not being aware of carrying it, and possibly infecting others, especially those more vulnerable like the elderly.


He elaborated, saying that unknowingly infecting an elderly member of the household could be “lethal and dangerous”.

Do not take aggressive testing for granted

Even with more aggressive testing to detect any cases, we shouldn’t let our guard down.

The healthcare system has “limits”, and we shouldn’t push it or “take unnecessary risks”, advised Mr Wong.

He emphasised the importance of staying vigilant and continue social distancing as much as possible to keep the spread contained, too.

Risk of spread still apparent

Co-chair of the taskforce and Health Minister Gan Kim Yong stressed that the risk of community spread still remains, since we’re still in early Phase 2, wrote ST.

As it’s been said time and time again, we have to keep to the spirit of the rules, and not just the letter of the law.

It may not be at the front of our minds now, with GE2020 underway, but we must keep doing our part to keep society, and ourselves, safe.

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