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DPM Lawrence Wong Rides For Charity With Motorcycle Convoy, Raises S$30K For Cancer Foundation

DPM Lawrence Wong Rides With Motorcycle Convoy To Raise Funds For Charity

Our leaders are men of many hidden talents, and their skills outside the office have wowed netizens.

In a bid to raise funds for charity, Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong rode with a motorcycle convoy on Saturday (13 Aug).

Motorcycle riding is another in a list of talents that Mr Wong holds. He is also a proficient guitar player.

It was his first time riding in over 20 years since his schooling days in the US, but the minister gave it his all and his efforts have gone pretty viral.

The charity, Children’s Cancer Foundation, has since managed to raise funds of S$30,000 with the assistance of the event.

DPM Wong rides with motorcycle convoy for charity

Posting to his Instagram and Facebook accounts on 13 Aug, Mr Wong shared about the recent event.

Source: Lawrence Wong on Instagram

The Riders Aid Singapore (RAS) and Ride For Charity organised the event, calling for motorcycle enthusiasts across the country to ride together for a good cause.

Mr Wong joined in, riding alongside the convoy to raise funds for the Singapore Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Source: Lawrence Wong on Instagram

Together with him, more than 800 bikers from all walks of life took part in the fundraiser.

Source: Lawrence Wong on Facebook

Mr Wong said he felt heartened to witness the widespread participation in the event.

“I am confident that as long as we have the mindset of ‘paying it forward’, we can turn challenges into opportunities, and build a racially harmonious, caring and inclusive Singapore for all,” he said.

Raised more than S$30K for charity

According to The Straits Times (ST), DPM Wong joined the convoy at around 1.45pm, and they rode together from Al-Istighfar Mosque in Pasir Ris to Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple.

Speaking to ST, RAS president Mr Suriya Kumar confirmed they managed to raise about S$30,000 for the charity so far.

Source: Lawrence Wong on Facebook

At the temple, Mr Wong thanked the organisers for the chance to ride a motorcycle again after more than two decades.

“The last time I did it was when I was a student in America,” he said, explaining how he used to travel around Madison, Wisconsin, on a Suzuki street bike.

ST reports that Mr Kumar said he reached out to Mr Wong for the fundraiser after hearing that he used to ride motorcycles.

Source: Lawrence Wong on Facebook

“We were very surprised when he said he wanted to ride a bike by himself,” he said. “Usually, our guests of honour would just ride pillion so we were all very excited.”

To show their appreciation, RAS also presented Mr Wong with a portrait of himself against a bike.

Source: Lawrence Wong on Facebook

Showcasing talents for a good cause

Kudos to our leaders for embodying the Singaporean spirit in their actions, even outside the office.

By participating in this event, Mr Wong has shown us his capacity to care for others in the community – in addition to displaying his capability to ride a bike like James Bond, of course.

In doing so, he’s set an example for us all to respect, truly entrenching himself as Gen Z’s PM.

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Featured image adapted from Lawrence Wong on Facebook.

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