Lawrence Wong Earned 15 Out Of 19 Stakeholder Votes For PAP’s 4G Leader, Handover Timing Pending

Lawrence Wong Got 15 Out Of 19 Stakeholder Votes, Other Options Didn’t Get More Than 2 Votes Each

Earlier this week, it was announced that Finance Minister Lawrence Wong had been chosen to be the new leader of the 4G team.

On Saturday (16 Apr), it was revealed that Lawrence Wong had received 15 out of the 19 stakeholder votes for PAP’s new 4G leader —  none of the other names garnered more than two votes.

On the subject of handover, PM Lee said a decision will be made at a later date on whether he or Mr Wong will lead the PAP into the next election.

“Overwhelming majority” of stakeholders voted for Lawrence Wong

During the press conference held at the Istana, former minister Khaw Boon Wan, who was tasked with gathering PAP leader’s views on a new 4G leader, shared more details about the ‘process’.

Apparently, 15 of the 19 “stakeholders” had voted for Mr Wong as their preferred leader. None of the other options presented got more than two votes. The “stakeholders” comprised the Cabinet ministers, Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin, and NTUC secretary-General Ng Chee Meng.

Mr Khaw, however, did not disclose the number of ‘choices’ and who those were.

The retired minister also said the “stakeholders” were interviewed individually after Budget 2022 and the subsequent Committee of Supply debates.

They were asked about their preferred leader, apart from themselves, and told to rank the potential candidates in order of their preference.

The stakeholders were reportedly “candid in their assessment” and were “emphatic in wanting to pick the candidate with unquestionable commitment to Singapore, who inspires trust” from Singaporeans and fellow leaders.


The consultation did not involve PM Lee and the two Senior Ministers.

PM Lee to decide with Mr Wong on PAP’s “best strategy” entering next GE

Answering a question about PAP’s leadership transition, PM Lee said he will discuss with Mr Wong and decide what’s the PAP’s “best strategy” to fight the next General Election (GE).

While dependable on “how things evolve”, PM Lee presented 2 scenarios during the press conference:

  • PM Lee hands over to Mr Wong and he leads PAP into next GE
  • PM Lee leads PAP into next GE, Mr Wong takes over afterwards with 4G team

While many factors are still uncertain now, PM Lee said the plan is for Mr Wong to be the next PM, if the PAP wins the coming GE,

But either way, our plan is for Lawrence to be the next PM if the PAP wins the next GE. That has been settled.

PM Lee also noted the public’s positive reaction to the decision.

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