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Li Chuan Fish Ball Can Be Sold At Halal-Certified Stores, No Pork DNA Found In Product

Li Chuan Fish Ball And CuttleFishball Tested At 3 Laboratories

UPDATE (5 Feb): Li Chuan Fish Ball and Cuttlefish Ball have been allowed to resume sales in Singapore after tests found no traces of porcine DNA in the products.

You can read MUIS’ statement here.

When news of the dubious halal status of Li Chuan Fish Ball and Cuttle Fish Ball products first circulated, many Muslim consumers began to panic.

The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) then took to Facebook to advise people not to speculate further.


Today (29 Jan), they finally released an urgent request for all halal-certified businesses to cease usage of the products.

Brunei deems Li Chuan fish ball products as not halal

Concern was first sparked when people caught wind of the news that the halal authority in Brunei had released a public request to move Li Chuan products to the “non-halal” section.


In the letter, they explained that lab analysis led them to discover traces of pig DNA in the following products:

  • Li Chuan Fish Ball
  • Li Chuan Cuttlefish Ball

This prompted them to urge concerned parties to separate all Li Chuan products from other halal items.

MUIS requests Li Chuan to halt distribution

Following this development, MUIS launched investigations to check if the findings are true.

Though they have yet to confirm the pork DNA allegations, MUIS has made a different request instead.

While investigations are ongoing, they’re asking all MUIS halal certificate holders to stop using the products “with immediate effect”, reports BERITAMediacorp.

The specific products in question are:

  • Li Chuan Fish Ball (frozen & chilled) with batch expiry dates on 9 Jun & 7 Oct 2022
  • Li Chuan Cuttlefish Ball (frozen & chilled) with batch expiry date on 9 Jun 2022


MUIS has also requested for Li Chuan to remove the affected batches from store shelves and halt distribution for the time being.

Sellers who have any queries should reach out to a Li Chuan Representative directly.

Hope status of products will be clarified soon

As these products are commonly consumed in Singapore, we hope that MUIS will be able to provide a clear statement on their halal status soon.

In the meantime, halal certified sellers should take note of the latest instructions to ensure consumer safety.

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