Jogger Finds Scores Of Masks Littered Around Pasir Ris, Urges Public To Dispose Properly

Man Shares Photo Collection Of Littered Masks He Found

Amid ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures aimed at stopping Covid-19 spread, we’re being encouraged to wear masks after evidence showed those without symptoms can still spread the virus.

But used masks have been spotted littering streets around Singapore, indicating there may be another problem on our hands.

Facebook user Adrian shared his horrifying find to the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Refuse – Singapore’ group — that of 20 surgical masks scattered around different locations in Pasir Ris.


Scores of used masks littered around Singapore

Adrian’s discoveries were made while on a jog around the Pasir Ris area.


He counted a staggering total of more than 15 masks within just a 1.5 kilometre stretch of his running route. He even found an N95 mask lying on the ground.


According to Adrian, he chanced upon the masks in the following locations:

  • Pasir Ris Drive 1
  • Pasir Ris Drive 8
  • Tampines Ave 12

He urged others to bring awareness to this phenomena and remind everyone to dispose of their masks properly.

Surgical masks can be contaminated with viruses and not only is it unsafe and unsanitary practice, it’s also shameful to see this litter in a supposedly “Clean” city.

Throw your masks in a bin

Even as Singaporeans are told to wear masks, it seems that many may still be unsure about the proper way to dispose of them.

We shouldn’t touch the outer layer of the mask and have to throw them in a dustbin.

As Singaporeans, we really could be more civic-minded and throw our masks away properly. Surely there are enough bins around to do so.

If there’s no bin nearby, we recommend putting them in a ziploc bag first until we find one. The last thing we need to do is contribute to the spread of the virus after only protecting ourselves.

Such selfish acts are not only bad for the environment but also others.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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