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LTA Catches Over 120 Errant Riders In 20 Areas, Urges Road Users To Observe Rules

LTA Catches Over 120 Riders In Violation Of Road Safety

Riders in Singapore must abide by several important regulations at all times. Not doing so puts them in violation of the law and may even endanger others in our community.

Recently, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) conducted a week-long operation to monitor the activities of active mobility riders.

Source: Land Transport Authority on Facebook

They did so in 20 areas in Singapore.

As a result, LTA officers apprehended more than 120 riders for flouting proper safety rules.

Its officers once again reminded the general public of the need to do so, especially when using mobility devices on the appropriate paths.

LTA catches 120 riders for not following road safety rules

LTA announced news of the operation through Facebook on Sunday (26 Jun), stating that it had taken place over the past week.

Source: Land Transport Authority on Facebook

Officers patrolled the island and monitored the riders’ actions, both on and off the road. The operation was held in about 20 areas, including Choa Chu Kang, Tampines, Yishun, Bukit Merah, Jurong and Hougang.

Source: Land Transport Authority on Facebook

During the operation, enforcement officials from LTA caught more than 120 errant riders who had violated the rules.

LTA stated in its post that these errant riders included those who were using their power-assisted bicycles (PABs) and personal mobility devices (PMDs) on footpaths.

In addition, some were riding their PMDs on roads. Some cyclists were also riding their bicycles without handbrakes.

Source: Land Transport Authority on Facebook

All of these actions are illegal, according to LTA’s regulations.

LTA reminds the public of regulations

In light of the successful operation, LTA has once again reminded the public of proper road safety.

Riding a device which is non-compliant with LTA regulations is illegal as it puts other pedestrians and motorists at risk.

In addition, riders should only use their designated paths, and not cycle anywhere.

For instance, PAB users can only use the road and cycling paths, while PMD users should ride on cycling paths only. Neither of these devices is allowed on footpaths.

Adhere to road safety regulations

These road safety rules may seem tedious, but they are here for a reason.

Such regulations ensure that riders do not endanger others in the community and cause collisions.

It is commendable of LTA to always ensure the safety of our society by holding such enforcement operations. Hopefully, riders in these areas will take heed of this reminder and ensure they have adhered to the regulations in future.

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Featured image adapted from Land Transport Authority on Facebook.

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