This DIY ‘Magnum’ Popsicle Recipe Is Easy To Recreate, You Only Need 5 Ingredients

‘Magnum’ Popsicles You Can DIY From The Comfort Of Your Home

In sunny Singapore, ice creams are often our go-to when it comes to beating the heat. Cold, sweet, and tasty — what’s not to like?

From brown sugar pearls, chocolate, to simple vanilla, we’re often spoilt for choice when it comes to flavours. Heck, we could even try to reinvent famous ones if we could.

Malaysian gastronomic site KL Foodie seemed to have cracked the code behind Magnum’s recipe. Introducing, their DIY version of Magnum ice cream – ‘Magnum’ popsicles.


Enjoying home made ‘Magnum’ popsicles

Magnum ice cream may be well known as a slightly more atas brand, if you compare it with other ice cream bars.

However, who can resist that bitter chocolate crunch, which upon biting, would crack open and reveal its creamy goodness?

KL Foodie has recreated this sweet treat with no more than 5 ingredients. The simple recipe would appeal to everyone, even those who rarely step foot into the kitchen.


You will need the following:

  • 2 cups of whipping cream (can also be substituted with full cream milk)
  • 1/2 cup of condensed milk
  • 1 tsp of Ovalette
  • A dash of vanilla essence
  • 350g of milk/dark chocolate (according to your preference)

As one of our teachers always said, things are best when they’re “cheap cheap, good good, last long long”.

‘Magnum’ in a popsicle recipe

Just for ease of reference, these are the 5 simple steps needed to make these sweet treats at home.

Firstly, mix the whipping cream, condensed milk, Ovalette, and vanilla essence in a blender until soft and fluffy. According to the expert guide, it should double in size to form your creamy insides.

Next, double boil the chocolate until it melts and let it cool to room temperature.

After this, pour the melted chocolate into a piping bag and pipe into the ice cream packet evenly.


Follow up this step by pouring the cream mixture into the packet as well.


Finally, place these packets of joy in the freezer for 5-6 hours. And there you have it — delicious, affordable, home-made ‘Magnum’ right at your fingertips.

Countering the sweltering heat

It may be raining occasionally now, but the weather forecast predicts that we’ll have warmer nights to come towards the end of May.

Seeing how there is literally no escape, why not stock up on some of these easy to make popsicle sticks that you can whip out anytime during this humid season?

That’s what we’ll be doing at least.

Featured image adapted from magnumicecream.com and KL Foodie.

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