These Mahjong Night Lights Can Be Your Comfort Friend After Losing To Aunties At CNY

Mahjong Night Lights Will Stop You From Having Nightmares Of Losing Games

Chinese New Year (CNY) is often a happy affair, but that could easily change when you lose a round of mahjong to your aunties. Instead of going to bed sad, you can literally lighten the mood a little with these adorable night lights.


Standing at around 13cm, the lights are definitely way bigger than a standard 3-cm tile.

Keep your world bright with these mahjong night lights

Only 2 designs are available, namely the tiles with the characters “九萬”, and “發”, the latter of which means you’ve struck it rich.


Perhaps having these on your study or work desk will help you achieve more huat in your endeavours. Otherwise, let them keep you company in bed, alongside your teddy bear.


Having these sources of comfort will surely give you a good night’s rest regardless of whether you win or lose the mahjong games with your aunties.

Adjustable brightness & multi-coloured lights

As if the design isn’t creative enough, the night lights can do pretty neat tricks too.

According to distributor Pinkoi, the silicone and matte light comes with 10-stage dimming, which allows you to control the brightness.


Not only that, you can choose the shade of light you prefer, such as white, yellow, and warm, and set the timer for the light to switch off on its own.

All that can be done using a handy remote that comes with the set.

Already imagining it in a prime location in your home? Place your order online at Pinkoi here, and get yours quick before the limited stock runs out. Each light costs $44.40 excluding shipping, which is a worthy investment for such a unique product.

Let your love for mahjong shine bright

Your constant mahjong sessions may be proof enough of your love for the game, but why not take it further by getting an adorable merch featuring it?

After all, there’s no better way to tell everyone about how mahjong lights up your world like nobody else.

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Featured image adapted from Pinkoi.

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