Man Asks Cisco Enforcement Officers To Show Badge, Told Orchard’s A No-Smoking Zone

Man Apparently Caught Smoking In Orchard, Demands Officers Show Identity

When some people are caught breaking the law, instead of being repentant, they may turn the tables by asking officers to identify themselves.

At least 1 woman has been dubbed the “badge” lady by trying this, and unfortunately her male counterpart might have emerged.

The man’s voice can be heard repeatedly demanding that Certis Cisco enforcement officers show him their badges.


He’s also being told that Orchard Road is a no-smoking zone – a rule that’s been in force since 2019.

Man asks officers for names

The 1 minute 43 second-long video, shared in the Complaint Singapore Facebook group,  appears to have been filmed by the man in question.

It starts off with the man behind the camera asking the officers – a male and female – for their names.

At that point, the male officer seemed to be busy, as he was holding a pink IC and entering something into his phone.

He politely asked the man to let him finish his work before he can explain everything to him.



It sounded like a reasonable request delivered calmly, but the man became insistent.

Man repeatedly tells officers to show card

He repeatedly told the officers that they “must show” him their cards, saying,

No, no, no, no, no, no, you must show, you must show.

The male officer responded that he’s not allowed to take videos, but the man insisted that he is, for his “safety”.

He also pointed out that the officers also had body cameras.


He then asks the officers again to show him their cards,

You never show me your card, how do I know who are you?

Officers wearing identifiable logos

This is despite the officers wearing 2 very identifiable logos.

From the video, the Certis Cisco logo can be clearly seen on their caps.


On 1 side of their vests, what appears to be the logo of the National Environment Agency (NEA) can also be made out.

For reference, here’s the NEA logo.


Man wants ‘no smoking’ sign in the carpark

The video then cuts to the man behind the camera again saying to the officers, “better show me your pass”, while gesturing and pointing to them.


At this point, the voice of another man can also be heard in the background.

As they argued with the officers, one of them can be heard demanding that “no smoking” signs be put up in the carpark.

It becomes apparent that the dispute is over smoking in the carpark.

Orchard Road is no-smoking zone

The female officer then starts speaking, but is rudely interrupted by the man, who loudly says, “but he never throw”.

He’s possibly alluding to how cigarette butts weren’t disposed of on the ground, which would constitute a littering offence.

The other man then cuts in to ask why they’re holding on to his IC for so long.

At this point, we start having whiplash as the 1st man swerves back to talk about cigarette butts, or rather how none of them were thrown on the ground.

The male officer then finally informs him that Orchard Road is a no-smoking zone – and signs saying so are everywhere.


Strangely, the man doesn’t manage to film the no-smoking sign that the officer is pointing to.


The 2 men then quickly change the topic back to badges, again demanding the officers show them.


The video then cuts off after the male officer declines.

Here’s the full video:


Netizens blame man behind camera

Netizens reacted with dismay to the video, speculating that the man was trying to scare the officers to avoid being fined.


Another pointed out that the video was taken in the carpark off Angullia Park, which is a part of the Orchard Road no-smoking zone.

Thus, the officers are just doing their jobs and the man should just pay the fine.


However, 1 person was of the opinion that the officers should’ve displayed their badges prominently and show them when asked.


Do treat others with civility & respect

Though we don’t know the full circumstances of what happened, it does appear that the man behind the camera was being very belligerent.

As he was talking about cigarettes not being thrown on the ground, and the officers were reminding him that Orchard is a no-smoking zone, whatever the dispute is about involves smoking.

Whatever the reason, we should always remember to treat others with civility and respect, especially government servants who’re doing their jobs.

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