M’sian Man Breaches SHN To Buy Groceries & Withdraw Cash, Gets S’pore PR Status Revoked

Man Breaches SHN, Gets Convicted & Stripped Of PR Status

Amidst a global pandemic, Singapore authorities have been enforcing strict rules to ensure the safety of the public.

This includes a mandatory Stay-Home Notice (SHN) for those displaying Covid-19 symptoms so infections can be detected and isolated.

However, last April, a Malaysian man who was instructed to serve an SHN disregarded the order and left his hostel 4 times during the period.


Later on, he was sentenced to 2 weeks’ jail for breaching SHN. On Thursday (4 Feb), the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) decided to revoke his Permanent Resident (PR) status as well.

Man breached SHN 4 times throughout 2-week period

According to The Straits Times (ST), the 47-year-old man experienced a cough and body aches on 29 Apr 2020 and visited a clinic in Jurong.


In light of his condition, the doctor issued him a medical certificate and informed him that he was on SHN.

Throughout the 2 weeks from 20 Apr to 3 May, the man was to stay in his Westwood Hostel — he was only allowed to leave to seek medical help.

Despite this, the man reportedly left his hostel the very next day to buy groceries and withdraw cash at a supermarket.


He also went to a nearby eatery to get food on 2 May.

On 3 May, he left his house twice — once to buy food and another time to top up his phone credit at an AXS machine, reports ST.

In total, he breached his SHN orders 4 times throughout the period.

Sentenced to 2 weeks’ jail

During investigations, the man initially claimed that he had only left his hostel once, reported Channel NewsAsia (CNA).

He only pleaded guilty to breaching SHN orders 4 times after he was shown his hostel access record.

He was sentenced to 2 weeks’ jail on 7 Aug 2020.

Man gets PR status revoked for breaching SHN

On Thursday (4 Feb), the man was dealt a harsher punishment as ICA decided to strip him of his Singapore PR status, reports ST.

The authority emphasised in a statement on Friday (5 Feb) that Singapore PRs convicted of any offences will have their status reviewed.

Individuals who do not comply with SHN rules can be prosecuted under the Infectious Diseases (Covid-19 — Stay Orders) Regulations.

This could mean a fine of up to $10,000, 6 months jail, or both, reported TODAY.

Strict SHN rules are to protect our community

The rules surrounding SHN are strict so as to protect our community.

Hopefully, this incident serves as an important reminder to everyone to stay vigilant and be accountable for our actions, especially during the pandemic.

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Featured images adapted from Google Maps and Singapore Changi Airport.

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