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Mandai Bird Paradise To Open In 2023, Has 8 Areas Including Rainforests & Penguin Habitat

Bird Paradise To Open In Mandai With 8 Immersive Aviaries

Jurong Bird Park has enjoyed 52 years of operations, being an iconic attraction for tourists and locals alike. From family outings and school excursions, many will recall the precious memories made there.

So when its closure was announced a few months ago, it was definitely a bittersweet feeling for some.

But fret not, because the Bird Park will be relocating to the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, joining the Singapore Zoo, River Wonders and Night Safari.

In 2023, Bird Paradise will be opening in Mandai and will feature eight unique areas with different climates, including rainforests and penguin habitats.

The bird park will be the first of new wildlife parks located in the area.

Bird Paradise at Mandai has eight areas for authentic experiences

Managed by Mandai Wildlife Group, Bird Paradise will be the home to 3,500 birds from over 400 species.

The attraction allows visitors to immerse themselves in interactive and natural bird habitats.

With eight aviaries, visitors can walk through and fully experience authentic environments.

For example, a key highlight is the Heart of Africa enclosure. Visitors can adventure into the valleys of Africa that include a misty forest and winding streams.

They’ll be able to witness the birds displaying their natural behaviours.

Another example is the Wings of Asia enclosure, where visitors can experience the bamboo forests and rice terraces of Southeast Asia.

The area also serves as a unique ecosystem and is a major food source for its inhabitants.

At the Penguin Cove, penguins such as the Gentoo Penguin, King Penguin will make their home here. Visitors can expect a closer look into the oceanic lives of these animals.

The Amazonian Jewels habitat even includes the large buttress root tree that simulates the South American rainforest.

In the Winged Sanctuary, visitors can expect to see endangered species such as the Philippine Eagle and Vietnam Pheasant.

The bird park also boasts over 20 species of Hornbills, providing more opportunities for study and conservation.

Hope opening of new bird park will be a success

With Bird Paradise’s announcement, we’re sure many will be keenly anticipating its opening.

The wide variety of activities offered to visitors is immense and even helps raise awareness of conservation.

When the bird park officially opens its doors, we hope that it’ll welcome many visitors for many generations to come.

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Featured image courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group

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