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M’sia Woman Finds S$114 Million In Her Maybank Account, Bank Blocks It Without Warning

Malaysian Woman’s Maybank Account Blocked After S$114 Million Gets Mistakenly Added

Everyone dreams of having a massive sum suddenly appear in their bank account.

However, a Malaysian woman who actually experienced this found it to be a nightmare instead.

Thanks to a glitch, she suddenly found herself with over RM400 million (S$114 million) inside her Maybank account.

As a result, the bank blocked her account without warning.

She then had to spend a lot of time and effort trying to resolve the issue and was left frustrated by the inability to access her own account.

Woman finds over S$114 million in Maybank account

The woman, Hafidzah Abdullah, related the incident on her LinkedIn, sharing that she woke up to suddenly find herself a multi-millionaire.

She posted a screenshot of her personal Maybank account, which showed that she had RM404,040,404.04 (over S$114 million) inside.

Source: Hafidzah Abdullah on LinkedIn

Although it seemed like Ms Hafidzah had hit the jackpot, it turned out to be the beginning of a huge headache instead.

Ms Hafidzah believed the sudden growth in wealth to be a glitch in the system.

Maybank responded to this by blocking her account entirely.


They allegedly did not notify her in any way before doing this.

Maybank resolution process takes a long time

Ms Hafidzah had to visit the nearest Maybank branch to attempt to regain access.

Once she was there, the officer had to call customer service to get them to do it.

Source: MortgageWise

The process allegedly “took forever”, and she pointed out how none of this stemmed from a mistake she made.

“Three days of Maybank glitches during salary payout period is like a comedy of errors that no one finds funny,” she lamented.

She added that her personal account was blocked and her company account was unusable due to an authentication method error.

“Visiting Maybank has become my daily exercise routine,” she quipped.

To make matters worse, Ms Hafidzah claimed that Maybank customer service kept directing her to other branches.

Maybank EVP contacts her to fix issue

Fortunately, her post caught the attention of the right people.

Shaikh Munir Ahmad, Head of Group Customer Experience Management at Maybank, left a comment asking for Ms Hafidzah’s contact details.

He said that he will “certainly have this checked and resolved” for her.

Source: LinkedIn

They had a conversation on the phone, and Ms Hafidzah later thanked him and confirmed that she could once more access her accounts.

Source: LinkedIn

The post also saw many comments relating their negative experiences with customer service at Maybank.

This caused Ms Hafidzah to write a comment urging Maybank management to read and acknowledge them.

“It is crucial for them to thoroughly investigate these matters,” she wrote.

Source: LinkedIn

In a statement to MS News, Maybank explained that the incident happened due to a system error and didn’t compromise the customer’s account:

The incident was a system error that was resolved and acknowledged by the customer. It was not a system-wide issue and the customer account was not compromised.

At the very least, we’re glad Ms Hafidzah regained access to her account — albeit a few hundred million ringgit ‘poorer’.

Last month, an Indian bank accidentally credited S$132 million into various customer accounts.

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Featured image adapted from Hafidzah Abdullah on LinkedIn and MortgageWise.

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