McDonald’s Doraemon Set Meals In HK Make Us Wish We Had An Anywhere Door

McDonald’s Doraemon Set Meals Have Ebi Burgers, Taro McFlurry & McShaker Fries

Young and old Singaporeans who grew up watching Doraemon cartoons may finally have the meal of their dreams.

After customers went gaga over McDonald’s BTS meal, the company launched a new menu that could trigger the nostalgia of fans.

McDonald’s Hong Kong has launched Doraemon set meals with Ebi Burgers, McShaker Fries, and Taro McFlurry.


These Doraemon set meals make us wish for an Anywhere Door so we can magically teleport over to eat them too.

Doraemon set meals for shrimp-craving foodies

Singapore’s hot and humid weather makes us feel like summer never really ends. Over at McDonald’s Hong Kong, the brand is celebrating this summer season with refreshing treats and adorable packaging.


A notable example is their Ebi series, which includes an Ebi Burger with Pineapple.


Shrimp-craving foodies may fall for these treats that could fill you up as you WFH.



In addition, their upcoming Fried Onion Shrimp Bao could even surprise your palate with the savoury combination of crispy fried onions and shrimp cakes.


Doraemon desserts for hot summer days

A sweet or salty dessert is ideal for a hot summer day, and it seems like Doraemon thinks the same.


Their McShaker fries boasts of Sakura Ebi Flavored Seasoning, which gives it a charming Japanese flavour.

According to Ulifestyle, other flavours include Lobster Bisque Flavoured Seasoning, Japanese-Style Seasoning Powder, and American BBQ Honey Seasoning Powder.


Those craving an icy and cool snack can opt for the Taro flavoured Mcflurry decorated with Doraemon’s 4D pocket. We wish this 4D pocket were the real thing so we can store enough set meals to satisfy the fam.


Pair it with this Red Bean Custard Pie, which is packed with a savoury and creamy filling. We bet it’s just as good as Dorameon’s beloved dorayaki.


Cool down and conquer the heat with a cup of Tropical Soda with Pineapple. Whenever you feel tired from the dreary commute, staring at Doraemon’s wide smile may brighten your day.


Hoping it comes to Singapore too

Doraemon set meals make us wish for our very own Anywhere Door to savour these yummy snacks that can fill up our tummy.

Here’s hoping these will arrive on our shores too. We have our eyes set on the Ebi burgers, Taro McFlurry, and Tropical Soda, which we trust will keep us energised amid our city’s warm temperatures.

What do you think of these Doraemon set meals too? Let us know in the comments.

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