McDonald’s Happy Meal Will Have Barbie Dolls & Hot Wheels Or Cressida Cowell Books Till 1 May

McDonald’s Happy Meal Includes Barbie, Hot Wheels & Cressida Cowell Books

Toys like Hot Wheels & Barbie dolls have a special place in every 90’s child’s heart. There may be loads of online video games, but there’s nothing like sharing hardcover books and racing using real toys with your playmates.

McDonald’s seems to feel the same way since they’ve launched an option to choose books or these nostalgic toys for every Happy Meal purchase.


Getting a Happy Meal from 4 Apr will entitle you to a mini-Barbie doll dressed to the nines, or an iconic Hot Wheels racing car.

If your child prefers an old-school book over an iPad game, you’ll be pleased at the selection from Cressida Cowell’s series. FYI, she’s the author who wrote How To Train Your Dragon.

Barbie dolls & Hot Wheels

McDonald’s Happy Meal Barbie dolls & Hot Wheels will be available till 1 May.


Here’s a closer look at the toys, before you consider getting them.

Hot Wheels could jumpstart dreams of joining F1 races or just make kids really competitive.


We’ve always told young girls that they can have fun and be who they want to be. This  new lineup of Barbie dolls will inspire them to become pop stars, astronauts, surfers or even mermaids.


Here’s when you can get your hands on them:

4-10 Apr: Barbie Pop Star & Winning Formula Fulcrum Ramp
11-17 Apr: Barbie Astronaut & GT Hunter Ring of Fire
18-24 Apr: Barbie Surfer & D-Muscle Tight Turn Ramp
25 Apr-1 May: Barbie Mermaid & Night Shifter Gate Crasher

Cressida Cowell books

McDonald’s also partnered with Cressida Cowell – globally renowned author and illustrator of the bestselling How to Train Your Dragon series – to create the Treetop Twins Adventures books.

The book series will include a collection of 12 stories about Alfie, Asha, Tulip and Ted. They usually travel back in time to meet T-Rex and baby dinosaurs.


According to the McDonald’s website, the books The Twins Meet a Massospondylus and The Twins Climb a Camarasaurus are currently available.


Kids can also scan the back of the book and read along with the Happy Studio app. This interactive reading experience lets them witness the sights and sounds of the prehistoric era.


Children can also meet new friends by joining in-store storytelling sessions so mark your calendars on these dates.


Take a break from the iPad

Thanks to advancements in technology, lots of children can play games with friends on their iPads.

While there’s tons of educational apps, it’s also important for kids to play outdoors and have real-life interaction with people their own age.

Now the question is, will they choose books, Barbies or Hot Wheels? There’s no wrong choice because they can always collect ’em all.

Featured image from Instagram and McDonald’s

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