S’pore Microcars For Faster Trips To MRT Stations May Be On Punggol Roads By 2021

QIQ To Launch Microcars In Punggol By 2021

Daily commutes may seem like a hassle because of your long walks to and from MRT stations, but this may change soon.

On Wednesday (12 Aug), Singapore startup QIQ announced their plans to create microcars for hire, otherwise known as “QIQ pods”.


These miniature vehicles will take commuters from the nearest charging points to MRT stations by 2021, reported Channel NewsAsia (CNA).

That is, if the Land Transport Authority (LTA) approves the bold plan.

QIQ pods are sleek minivans for 2

These smaller microcars boast estimated dimensions of being 2.4m long and 1m wide, as reported by CNA.


The aim is to make local commutes faster and more efficient through their upcoming QIQ pods.

300 to 600 microcars in Punggol by 2021

Due to their distance from the nearby LRT, Punggol residents must take long walks or opt for a bus feeder service.

Punggol’s estate was selected as the first site for potential trials, due to the distance required to access its public transport network.


If initial tests are deemed successful, the company aims to introduce 300 to 600 microcars for Punggol residents by 2021.

Self-parking microcars

A QIQ pod’s distinctive feature is its ability to autonomously head to the charging station to park themselves.

A human-driven car may also lead a fleet of driverless microcars through wireless communications.


Not only is the process more efficient, but it also ensures that the microcars can be automatically distributed to areas in need of their services.

$2 starting fare for 30-min rides

Fares for a 30-min ride are estimated to begin from $2.

Locals looking for a monthly plan can expect to fork out $30 to $50/mth for multiple uses within a day.

Meanwhile, companies that choose to use them for logistics purposes will be charged around $180 to $240 per month.

While the company has clear plans, it is unclear whether the QIQ pod will be cleared for usage on the roads by LTA at present.

Hoping alternative transport will ease commutes

QIQ pods seem to be an inventive way to cut down long walks to the MRT. However, only time will tell whether it’ll be approved by the LTA.

Though the future of these proposed microcars seems uncertain, here’s to hoping this interesting concept can ease the burden of Punggol commuters or spark more innovative solutions in our transportation industry.

What do you think of these microcars? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Featured image adapted from Channel NewsAsia & QIQ Global.

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