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Missing Singaporean Climber Unable To Be Located On Mount Everest, Wife Pays Tribute To Him

Missing Singaporean Climber Now ‘At Home’ On Mount Everest, Wife Thanks Team For Their Efforts

Over a week ago, a Singaporean man went missing on Mount Everest.

His disappearance prompted an exhaustive search, which has ultimately not been fruitful.

Source: Shrinivas Sainis on Facebook

His wife has now paid tribute to her fearless husband, saying he lived life “to the fullest”.

Missing Singaporean climber not found on Everest despite best efforts

In an Instagram post on Saturday (27 May), Ms Sushma Soma confirmed the sad news.

Her missing husband, Shrinivas Sainis, has not been found despite the best efforts of the search-and-rescue team.


She thanked the sherpas and those from the climbing community who risked their lives to search for him, calling them “warriors”.

She also thanked his guide, Dendi Sherpa, for being his trusted companion and putting him first, even before himself.

Finally, she also expressed her gratitude to those from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the Singapore Embassy in Beijing, Indian High Commission of Singapore and the Nepalese and Chinese governments for their support.

He had ‘glorious & rich’ life

Striking a sentimental tone, Ms Soma said her husband was just 39 but had a “glorious and rich life”.

That’s because he “lived fearlessly and to the fullest”, exploring the world from the depths of the sea to the heights of the Earth.


Source: Shrinivas Sainis on Facebook

She’s humbled to have witnessed him doing what he loved, she added, proclaiming,

I am incredibly proud of him and feel lucky to have experienced life and death through him.

Now, he is in the mountains “where he felt most at home”, Ms Soma said.

Missing Singaporean Climber fell ill after summiting Everest

Mr Shrinivas, who worked for real-estate company Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), left Singapore for his expedition on 1 Apr.

He made it to the summit of Mount Everest on 19 May and planned to scale both Everest and Mount Lhotse in a single expedition.

Source: Sushma Soma on Instagram

It would’ve made him the first Singaporean Indian to accomplish that feat, as well as one of the few people in Southeast Asia.

Most people wouldn’t have bet against him doing it, as he’d previously scaled a higher mountain every successive year, Ms Soma said.

“Only few can dare to dream the way he did,” she added, as he was “judicious, meticulous and sharp”.

However, he suffered High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE) on the way down and texted his wife that night to inform her that he might not make it back down.

That was apparently the last that she heard from her husband.

Wife & family request privacy

Ms Soma has requested privacy to grieve and heal.

Thus, she and her family won’t be accepting any media queries.

MS News extends our thoughts and prayers to Mr Shrinivas’ loved ones in this difficult time.

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Featured image adapted from Shrinivas Sainis on Facebook and Sushma Soma on Instagram.

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