S’pore Mum Tries To Justify S$23 Disneyland Popcorn Bucket Purchase, Girl Math Wins Support Online

Mum Uses Girl Math To Justify S$23 Disneyland Popcorn Bucket She Bought

If you’re on TikTok often, you might have heard of ‘girl math‘, a trend in which girls find creative and amusing ways to justify their purchases.

While younger women tend to take part in the trend, a mum from Singapore has jumped onto the bandwagon as well — albeit unknowingly.

After purchasing a popcorn bucket from Disneyland for JP¥2,600 (S$23.64), she tried to justify her purchase by stating what she would be using the decorative item for.

Source: @powerpuffgirl0101 on TikTok

Her way of rationalising the purchase has endeared her to scores of viewers, with many wholeheartedly supporting her version of ‘girl math’.

Mum says she will use Disneyland popcorn bucket to store CNY sweets

The woman’s adorable antics were captured in a video by her daughter, who goes by @powerpuffgirl0101 on TikTok.

Via onscreen text, the OP shared that her 62-year-old mum had tried to justify her JP¥2,600 (S$23.64) purchase from Tokyo Disneyland.

She recorded her mum proudly showing off said purchase, which was a Winnie the Pooh-themed popcorn bucket.

To her mum’s credit, the popcorn bucket looked extremely detailed, with the iconic yellow bear bent over the honey pot-shaped bucket and a lid resembling honey dripping from the pot’s brim.

Besides that, the product also featured a thick strap that would enable the wearer to drape it from their shoulder.


Talking about what the bucket can be used for after the popcorn is finished, the OP’s mother said she can put sweets in there for people to take.

“I thought you want(ed) to put detergent?” someone asked from behind the camera.

“No la, so pretty, how can I put detergent?” the mum candidly replied.

Source: @powerpuffgirl0101 on TikTok

She then went on to solidify her justification, saying that guests can take sweets out of the bucket during Chinese New Year (CNY).

To wrap up her enthusiastic pitch, she said, “Don’t you find that it’s very cute? Yeah? You agree?”

Viewers cheer mum on for ‘girl math’-ing Disneyland popcorn bucket

The OP’s mum’s adorable ‘girl math’ quickly became a hit with viewers, with the video garnering over 200,000 views at the time of writing.

Many of them were on her side and said the purchase was not that expensive. One viewer even called it “very worth it”.

Source: TikTok

Another advocate of girl math gave their approval, saying they accept the mum’s rationalisation.

Source: TikTok

A few others mentioned the practical uses of popcorn buckets, with one saying their family uses them to store oranges for CNY.

Source: TikTok

Furthermore, one viewer took the ‘girl math’ up a notch by saying that the popcorn bucket will make guests feel more generous and give more angbao money.

As such, they viewed it as an ‘investment’.

Source: TikTok

Nonetheless, there were also a handful of doubters, one of whom revealed that they had three popcorn buckets that were all gathering dust in a cupboard.

Source: TikTok

Popcorn bucket being resold for upwards of S$70 on Carousell

If OP’s mum needs more reason to feel good about her purchase, she can perhaps take a peek at Carousell.

A quick search for the popcorn bucket reveals the exact design being sold for as much as S$79.99.

Source: Carousell

All in all, most listings fall within the S$50 to S$70 range.

Source: Carousell

Looking at these prices, the OP’s mum certainly got hers at a steal — if you don’t take flight tickets and admission prices into consideration, of course.

Whether you’re a fan of girl math or not, it’s safe to say that this version is as adorable as Pooh himself.

Here’s hoping the popcorn bucket will come in handy for CNY house visits next year.

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Featured image adapted from @powerpuffgirl0101 on TikTok

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