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National Service Registration Starts On 22 May For S’porean Men Born From Jan To Mar 2002

Eligible S’porean Males Must Register For National Service By 11 June

If you’re a January, February or March baby born in 2002, Singapore will officially be drafting you for National Service.


Only if you’re male, for now.

Eligible Singaporean guys who are citizens or Permanent Residents (PR) and have turned 18 years old will be drafted to serve the nation.

You will have about 3 weeks to register online here, anytime from 22 May to 11 June.

Remember to block out your medical exam date

All registrants also have to book a date in late July to late August with a certified army doctor for a medical examination.

Do remember not to double book yourself and keep that date free. The designated time slots and location of the check-up are as follows:

Dates: 22 Jul-21 Aug
Time Slots: 8.00am-1.00pm
Location: Central Manpower Base (CMPB)
Address: 3 Depot Rd, Singapore 109680
Contact No: 1800 367 6767

You’ll be able to opt for your preferred date online, after you register as an eligible NS recruit.

Medical screening schedule

If you’re a first-timer – of course you are – here’s what to expect at your medical screening.

  1. Your photo will be taken at the Photo Studio
  2. E-fitting process for uniform, boots, apparel & other NS equips
  3. Free medical screening with 6 stations:
    • Clinical lab work
    • Eye exam
    • Dental exam
    • X-ray exam
    • Ear, nose & throat exam
    • Full clinical exam
  4. Psychometric test

You may download the medical screening checklist here, for safekeeping.

Dress appropriately

You must be attired in a T-shirt paired with shorts or pants.

Candidates must also be clean shaven and sport a neat & short haircut for the photo-taking session.

No need to cut botak yet, just make sure your hair is neat

No contact lenses are allowed, so do wear your glasses if you are myopic. Strictly no jewellery and coloured, long or messy hair will be tolerated.

Bring these important documents

Do note that you need to bring these extremely important documents for your medical screening as well:

  • Medical Documents (If applicable):
    • Medical reports
    • Hospital appointment cards
    • X-ray films
    • Blood donation card
    • School Health booklet
  • Proof of identity (Any 2 cards)
    • NRIC, Student EZ-Link, Passport, Driving License
  • Medical screening questionnaire endorsed by parent/guardian
  • Education certificates & transcripts (For private & overseas courses only)

CMPB warns that failure to adhere to these instructions would require you to return on “multiple occasions” to complete “medical screening”.

Going unprepared or without the right documents will also result in delays in your registration.

Applications to postpone NS can be done online or “in person”

Those with valid reasons who wish to apply to postpone their service can opt for it online or “in person”.

You will receive more information about the new enlistment date and medical exam if you are successful in your application.

Ah boys to men

To all our boys, MS News wishes you a smooth registration and Singapore thanks you for serving our nation.

Do stay safe, and don’t forget to bring everything that’s required so you’ll only have to go through this process once.

For the kiasu recruits, you can even start mugging those catchy army song lyrics now.

Featured image from Officer Cadet School, Singapore on Facebook.

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