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Man Sets NewJeans’ Haerin As Wallpaper & Wins S$3.2K From TOTO

Man Sets NewJeans’ Haerin As Wallpaper & Strikes TOTO On 30 Jan

For many punters in Singapore, the annual TOTO Hong Bao Draw during Chinese New Year is a chance to become a millionaire overnight.

Thus, it’s unsurprising that many people flock to the Singapore Pools outlets to try their luck leading up to the draw today (3 Feb).

Source: Facebook

While this man did not hit the jackpot, he managed to win a decent prize of S$3,200 after trying his luck at the TOTO draw on 30 Jan.

But instead of attributing the prize to his luck, the man credited NewJeans’ Haerin for the winnings — he had apparently changed his phone’s wallpaper to a picture of the K-pop idol.

Man sets NewJeans member Haerin as wallpaper and strikes TOTO

On Tuesday (30 Jan), a TikTok user named Chin shared about his lucky break in a series of photos.

Image courtesy of Chin

In the first photo, Chin revealed that he had set a picture of NewJeans’ Haerin as his phone’s wallpaper.

For the uninitiated, NewJeans is an up-and-coming K-pop girl group under the entertainment agency HYBE.

Source: @NewJeans_ADOR on Twitter

The agency manages a few of the most popular K-pop sensations, such as BTS and SEVENTEEN.

In the next photo, Chin shared that he experienced a frustrating morning at work and decided to buy a System 12 iTOTO ticket, which cost S$132.

Source: TikTok

To his delight, he found himself S$3,295 richer when the results were announced.

Source: TikTok

Chin made away with a tidy sum of S$3,295.60, which he jokingly described,

Wallet is feeling a little heavy tonight.

Netizens joke that Haerin is a Lucky Cat

In the comments, some netizens joked that Haerin was the ultimate Maneki-neko, as she gained much attention recently for her “cat-like” visuals.

Source: TikTok

Another netizen expressed shock that OP spent S$132 on a single TOTO ticket, which he clarified was his first time spending that amount of money on TOTO.

Source: TikTok

Speaking to MS News, Chin shared that he is a huge fan of NewJeans.

As Haerin is known to resemble a cat the most, having her on his phone’s wallpaper was akin to having a pocket fortune cat.

He shared that he was having a frustrating day at work and wanted an avenue to destress.

Upon realising that the Prize for Monday’s (30 Jan) was quite substantial, he decided to purchase a ticket before going about his day.

That night, Chin’s friends shared an article about how there was only one person who brought home the Group 1 Prize.

He proceeded to check his account and was pleasantly surprised to see the winnings.

His wallpaper happened to be a photo of Haerin at the time, he added.

When asked how he felt after winning the money, Chin said:

I guess if you buy, there’s definitely a chance to win something.

Extremely lucky streak

Whether or not the OP struck TOTO because of his wallpaper, it’s certainly impressive that he managed to win a decent sum of money given the unfavourable odds.

Perhaps his actions may inspire others to set their wallpapers to Haerin as well and who knows, they could be the next TOTO millionaire come this Friday (5 Feb).

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Featured image adapted from TikTok and courtesy of Chin.  

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