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Woman Verbally Abuses Police After Getting Drunk Outside Orchard Towers, Fined S$1,600

Woman Arrested & Fined For Verbally Abusing Police After Fight At Orchard Towers

Being frustrated can cause some to act out. And if one is under the influence of alcohol, the situation can get ugly quickly.

In May 2021, 25-year-old Daria Sevostianova was arrested for being a public nuisance.

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On Tuesday (26 Apr), she was fined S$1,600 after pleading guilty to a harassment charge.

Woman detained for being a public nuisance at Orchard Towers

At around 11pm on 15 May 2021, police responded to a fight between two women at a toilet in Orchard Road, Lianhe Zaobao reports.

Although Zaobao reported that Sevostianova was one of the women involved, The Straits Times noted that it is not known whether Sevostianova was one of them.

However, court documents stated she was spotted drunk outside Orchard Towers at 12.02am.

Source: Google Maps

A member of the public reported the commotion to the police. Upon being arrested, the Russian woman kept yelling at the officers. They then detained her at the Police Cantonment Complex.

She hurled vulgarities at police

According to Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Koh Yi Wen, Sevostianova hurled vulgarities at a policewoman while undergoing a medical examination.

Even after the policewoman warned her about her language, she threw a blood-stained tissue paper at her.

DPP Koh initially sought a fine of between S$2,000 and S$3,000. She argued that Sevostianova “displayed a disregard for authority” by verbally abusing an officer who was just carrying out her duties.

On 26 Apr, Sevostianova pleaded guilty to a harassment charge and received a fine of S$1,600. ST said two other charges were considered during sentencing, such as one count of using criminal force on a police officer.

The maximum punishment for harassment in Singapore is a year’s jail and S$5,000 fine.

No excuses for mistreating police officer

It can be hard to control one’s behaviour when one is drunk. However, it does not entitle one to disrespect others.

At the end of the day, we are responsible for our actions and should treat everyone with dignity.

Therefore, there is no excuse for mistreating a police officer who is merely carrying out their duties.

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