Curious Otter Family Visits MOE HQ Building, Netizens Say They Probably Want To Learn To Fish

Otter Family Visits MOE HQ Building On 28 Apr

The wildlife here in Singapore is fascinating, but no animal captures the hearts of Singaporeans like otters do.

And it seems our unofficial national mascots are also sticking to our nation’s ideal that education is important.

On Wednesday (28 Apr), a family of curious otters visited one of the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) HQ buildings.


MOE later shared about the surprise visit on their Facebook page.


Otter family chills out at MOE HQ stairwell

Our teachers in Singapore are well-equipped with the skills to educate children of all ages.

Perhaps that’s why these furry little friends turned up at the MOE building on Wednesday (28 Apr), in search of an educator who could impart useful knowledge.

In the pictures shared by MOE, the otters can be seen chilling at a stairwell and getting comfy.



But the staff at MOE felt that they could perhaps do better in a more suitable learning environment, like a canal.

So the security guard tried to guide them out of the building.


The otter family seemed reluctant at first, comfortable exactly where they were.

When the security guard called out to them, some looked at him curiously, while others disregarded him petulantly.

But as soon as the leaders of the pack started following the security guard, the others followed suit, much like a class being led by their class monitor.


They then bounded after the security guard who patiently led them out of the building.


Netizens joke that otters want to learn to fish

We have all heard of the saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”.

This netizen joked that the otters must have heard that our teachers teach students to ‘fish’ and wanted to learn from our wonderful educators as well.


Other netizens quipped that the otters wanted to upgrade their skills with SkillsFuture.


Another netizen also found it hilarious that the way the otters reacted to the security guard was very much like how teachers get the attention of students.


All in all, netizens were otterly delighted at the otter family’s visit to the MOE building.

Belong in nature where they can frolic freely

The furry little guests must have made the day of the MOE staff.

But adorable as they are, they do not belong in buildings and would do better where they can frolic and fish to their heart’s content.

It’s also best for us to enjoy their presence from afar, keeping a safe distance from them.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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