Overseas S’poreans Returning From Jan 2021 Must Pay For SHNs & Covid-19 Medical Bills

Overseas Singaporeans & PRs To Pay For SHNs & Medical Bills If They Return After 1 Jan 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic caught many by surprise. At the start of the year, no one could have expected the virus to reach most countries around the world.

Luckily for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PR) who had left the country before 27 Mar, the government will cover costs from Stay-Home Notices (SHN), Covid-19 testing, and related medical expenses when they return.


But that will no longer be the case come 2021.

Starting from 1 Jan, all returning Singaporeans would have to pay for their own SHNs and medical bills.

Most citizens & PRs who left this year have returned

According to the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Tuesday (27 Oct), most Singapore citizens and PRs who left Singapore over the past year have already returned.

Self-isolation has also become a norm when travelling overseas during the pandemic.

In light of this, returning Singaporeans and PRs would have to foot their own SHN expenses even if they last left Singapore before 27 Mar 2020.

Overseas Singaporeans & PRs to be responsible for own medical bills

Likewise, returning Singaporeans, PRs, and long-term pass holders would have to pay for their own inpatient medical bills if they develop Covid-19 symptoms within 2 weeks of arriving in Singapore.


Fortunately, infected Singaporeans and PRs will be able to make use of government subsidies and MediShield Life or Integrated Shield Plan to foot their bill.

Long-term pass holders, however, would have to rely on their personal arrangements, such as private insurance.

In short, come 2021, all travellers entering Singapore would have to bear SHN and Covid-19 treatment costs on their own — so travel at your own risk.

Medical bills currently covered for those who left before 27 Mar

To date, the Singapore government has covered SHN and medical expenses of Singaporeans, PRs, long-term pass holders who left Singapore before 27 Mar.

All other travellers visiting Singapore have had to bear their own expenses.

Return soon if you want to save money

If you know anyone who left Singapore before 27 Mar and plans to return soon, it’s good to encourage them to do so before 1 Jan 2021.

Otherwise, they will have to fork out for mandatory tests & other related expenses out of their own pockets.

Given how SHNs are normally at least 7 days, there’s already quite a hefty sum incurred there. It’s best to save every dime we can in this tough economical climate.

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