Oximeter Redemption Leaflets May Be Replaced With Valid Reasons, But NRIC Collection Not Allowed

Those Without Pamphlets Can Contact Temasek Foundation, Says Ho Ching

Since 5 Jul, Singaporeans have been able to claim free oximeters from Temasek Foundation.

The oximeters are redeemable only in exchange for leaflets that were sent to every household.

This might pose a problem for some who might have accidentally thrown them away, or never received them for some reason.

Thankfully, they may still be able to get a replacement when they call or email Temasek Foundation and furnish valid reasons.

However, NRICs are still not accepted for oximeter collection.

Ho Ching lists Temasek’s contact details

The good news was revealed in a lengthy Facebook post by Temasek chief executive Ho Ching on Saturday (10 Jul).

She also listed down Temasek’s contact details for people who need to ask for replacements.


If you need to hear a human voice, the call centre’s number is 1800 738 2000.

Call centre handling overwhelming amount of calls

However, Mdm Ho said the call centre staff are busy handling an overwhelming amount of calls – 10 times more than expected.


Thus, she urged the public to be patient as they wade through the backlog and try to expand capacity.

Consider emailing them

If you don’t require an urgent reply, you can consider emailing Temasek Foundation instead, at


Besides your name, contact number, email and home address, you’ll also need to fill in some details in your email.

For example, explain why your household doesn’t have the pamphlet – did somebody throw it away, or did you just not receive it?

Investigation may take 4-12 weeks

Though they’ve just tapped more volunteers from Temasek, the investigation may still take from 4-12 weeks, depending on the situation.

Thus, Mdm Ho urged the public to give their volunteers more time if they’re still waiting for a response.

She also thanked those who’ve been patient with them.

Some have received replacement pamphlets

Mdm Ho said some residents who reported missing pamphlets have received replacements, according to SingPost.

However, some also were told by SingPost that their pamphlets had already been sent.


Mdm Ho asked them to check with their household members again.

Those who think their pamphlets have been stolen can email Temasek Foundation to appeal for further investigation, she added.

No collection with NRIC

Despite the many residents without pamphlets, Mdm Ho said they won’t be accepting NRIC for oximeter collection.

Thus, collection is strictly only with the redemption coupon in the pamphlet.


This is for supply chain audit purposes, she said.

It’s impractical for cashiers to photocopy your NRIC as they can’t keep it, Mdm Ho explained.

The system would also have to be changed drastically to link NRICs to households to ensure each household gets only 1.

Help for faulty oximeters

For those with faulty oximeters, Mdm Ho said they can head to Temasek Shophouse. It’s a short walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT.


It’s open from 9am-6pm on weekdays and 11am-5pm on weekends.

While “the vast majority” just had battery problems, “less than a handful” had to exchange their oximeter.

For example, some had issues with the oximeter screen.

All the issues were resolved, she said.

More than 500,000 oximeters collected

As of Thursday (8 Jul), more than 500,000 oximeters have been collected – 60% of which were collected on the 1st 2 days of redemption, Mdm Ho said.

While some pharmacies ran out of stock, people just went to a nearby supermarket instead, as they’ve more storage space to stock them.

Thus, collection has been fuss free, she added, thanking the staff at the pharmacies and supermarkets.


Due to the high demand, Temasek Foundation said on Wednesday (7 Jul) that some collection points had temporarily run out of stock.


To find out where your nearest collection location is, check out

Enough oximeter stocks for all

For those who haven’t collected their oximeter yet, Mdm Ho assured them not to worry.

They’re enough oximeter stocks for all households who want them, she said.


For the next 1-2 weeks, the oximeter team will ensure that those with pamphlets can collect their oximeters without issues.

This is by supplying supermarkets and pharmacies with enough stock.

After that, they’ll focus on helping those without pamphlets.

Thus, she urged everyone to be patient.

Read her full post here.

No need to rush

Since Temasek’s CEO has already assured us of enough stock, those who haven’t collected their oximeters yet can rest assured that there’s no need to rush, as the collection runs till 5 Aug.

However, if your household somehow doesn’t have a pamphlet, you won’t be left behind either.

Just don’t buy them off Carousell, as we’ve been strongly discouraged from doing so.

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Featured image adapted from MS News and Facebook.

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