Jia Jia’s Panda Cub Has Faint Black Markings Now, S’poreans Charmed By Its Yawn

Kai Kai & Jia Jia’s Panda Cub’s Black Markings Are Starting To Appear

Ever since Singapore welcomed our first panda cub, local residents have been eagerly waiting for updates about its growth.

On Tuesday (31 Aug), Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) shared that distinct black markings have started to appear on the panda cub’s skin.


As the newborn continues to mature in the upcoming weeks, its black patches will become more prominent.


Panda cub has black markings

In a recent video, the panda cub was seen sleeping while being cradled in Jia Jia’s arms.


Take a closer look and you’ll find light grey markings have emerged near its eyes, ears, and arms. Much like its adult parents, WRS believes its black patterns will become more apparent soon.


As the saying goes, it seems that the little one is growing up so fast.


The adorable bundle of joy spends its days sleeping, like most babies. Sometimes it even lets out an adorable yawn that will make you go awww.


Singaporeans charmed by its adorable yawn

Many Singaporeans were charmed by the sleepy panda cub based on the comments.

A netizen wrote that sleeping in mummy’s embrace is the best — a memory that most mums can relate to. Attached is a photo of Jia Jia and her cub huddled together.


Another netizen noticed that Mummy Jia Jia left her baby for a short while watching the live feed. Thanks to this opportunity, she was able to spot distinguishable black patches on its eyes and neck.


Though the little panda sleeps a lot, it somehow manages to get dark circles under its eyes, joked another netizen.


Watch the live feed for updates

Wildlife enthusiasts should cherish the little moments because it seems the young one is quickly growing up right before our eyes.

For regular updates, tune into the panda ‘maternity ward’ on the WRS website to get a sneak peek of the panda family.

We hope the panda cub will grow up healthy, so we can see it in action in real life some day.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook

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