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Gatherings May Include Up To 8 People When Phase 3 Hits, But Clubs Might Remain Closed

Phase 3 Requires Continued Safe Management Measures

The long-awaited news of Phase 3’s roadmap is finally out, and there’s some good news in store. However, this will depend on our ability to meet some “key conditions”.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday (20 Oct), co-chair of the Multi-Ministry Taskforce Lawrence Wong said they may increase the limit on gatherings outdoors to 8 when Phase 3 arrives.


They may also increase the limit of people on several other outdoor places.

But the start of Phase 3 may be pushed back to next year if new clusters emerge.

Phase 3 outdoor gathering limit potentially at 8

Mr Wong shared that as part of Phase 3, the current limit on gatherings may increase to 8.

Meanwhile, if you’re visiting a home, you can admit up to 8 guests, not including household occupants.

This will be good news for groups of above 5 who’ve been struggling with the current restrictions during Phase 2.

The following places may also be allowed to have higher capacity limits in Phase 3:

  • Museums
  • Places of worship
  • Wedding receptions

During Phase 3, these places may allow for “multiple zones of 50 persons”, according to The Straits Times.

Singapore must meet conditions for Phase 3 by EOY

But if we want Phase 3 to come by the end of the year, we need to continue following safe management measures, Mr Wong said.

Authorities will also carry out large-scale testing — for example, there’ll be a pilot scheme for Covid-19 testing before they attend events.

But these will be done using rapid tests, and because false-positives are possible, safe management measures will remain.

And more venues will require the use of the TraceTogether app or token over SafeEntry, so we can improve our contact tracing regime.

Clubs, KTV outlets likely to remain closed

Since the ‘Circuit Breaker’, bars, karaoke outlets and clubs have remained closed, with no sign of reopening.

This will likely be the case come Phase 3, as authorities say they’re still higher-risk.

Places such as Teo Heng KTV will have to wait a while more.

Netizen Petitions For Teo Heng To Reopen, Karaoke Says Concern From Fans Helps Boost Morale

Not the end of the line yet

Phase 3 can come before the end of the year, Mr Wong said.

But this is only on the condition that cases remain low and we continue to cooperate with measures.

New clusters forming will mean a pushback of Phase 3 to next year.

But for now, some relaxation of restrictions seems possible. We’ll just have to wait with bated breath, and continue what we’ve been doing.

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