PM Lee Gets Booster Shot, Urges Seniors To Follow & Reduce Chances Of Serious Illness

PM Lee Gets Booster Covid-19 Vaccine Shot On 17 Sep

As the majority of Singapore’s population has already been fully vaccinated, the focus has now shifted to booster shots that will confer better protection to residents.

On Wednesday (15 Sep), Singapore kicked off its national booster shot programme, inviting seniors to book slots for their jabs.

Just 2 days later, Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong shared footage of himself receiving the booster shot.

He also urged seniors to do the same if they’re eligible as it prevents them from falling seriously ill.

PM Lee gets booster shot about 8 months after 2nd dose

On Friday (17 Sep) morning, PM Lee visited Singapore General Hospital (SGH) for his Covid-19 booster shot.

Dressed in pink, he sounded especially jolly as he sat down for his jab.

After Fatimah, the nurse administering the shot introduced herself, PM Lee acknowledged that this wasn’t their first meeting.


Turns out, a senior staff nurse named Fatimah had administered both the 1st and 2nd dose of the vaccine for him earlier in January.

Though sporting a different hairstyle, it seems like the same nurse administered all 3 of PM Lee’s Covid-19 vaccines shots.

Before proceeding with the booster shot, the nurse thoroughly disinfected her hands.

She then prepped the jab and rolled PM Lee’s right sleeve up before gently administering the vaccine shot.


The nurse eventually dabbed on the area to clean off any residual blood before sticking a plaster on it.


Just like that, the inoculation process was complete and PM Lee rose from his seat to thank the nurse.


PM Lee urges eligible seniors to get booster shot

PM Lee also took the chance to urge eligible seniors to get their boosters shots as it decreases their chances of falling seriously ill due to Covid-19.

Seniors aged 60 and above who completed their vaccination regimen at least 6 months ago will progressively receive a booking link for their booster shots.


As PM Lee received his 2nd dose of the Covid-19 vaccine on 29 Jan, this makes him one of the eligible folks for the booster jab.

Hope other seniors will follow suit

It’s heartening to see PM Lee receiving his booster shot early. We hope other seniors will follow suit to protect themselves from the virus.

After all, Covid-19 can only become endemic if residents are sufficiently protected from the virus, which in turn lowers the risk of our healthcare system getting overwhelmed.

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Featured image adapted from Lee Hsien Loong on Facebook

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