PM Lee Says KTV & Jurong Fishery Port Clusters Are Reminders That Vaccination Is Important

Large Clusters Remind Us Why We Must All Get Vaccinated, Says PM Lee

In the past week, Singapore has seen a worrying uptick of Covid-19 cases.

On Sunday (18 Jul), Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong shared on Facebook that the recent large clusters are a reminder of the importance of vaccinations.


He also urged those who have visited the affected KTV lounges, markets, and Jurong Fishery Port to get tested.

PM Lee says clusters highlight importance of vaccination

In light of the recent surge in cases, PM Lee reminded Singaporeans to do their part in keeping Singapore safe.

The large clusters emerging from KTV lounges and Jurong Fishery Port “remind us why we must all get vaccinated”, said PM Lee.

He emphasised that it is crucial for seniors, who can get seriously ill if infected.

Growing clusters have affected 12 markets and food centres, including Chong Boon Market at 435A Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, located within PM Lee’s Ang Mo Kio constituency.

Chong Boon Market will be closed till 1 Aug to prevent further spread of infections after confirmed cases were found there. The cases are likely linked to the Jurong Fishery Port cluster.



PM Lee acknowledged that this closure will inconvenience residents in the area but sought their understanding on the matter.

He also asked that residents update senior residents who might not have heard the news.

Get tested if you’ve visited affected locations

Besides this, PM Lee urged those who have visited Chong Boon Market since 3 Jul to monitor their health and visit a doctor if feeling unwell.

Apart from Chong Boon Market, many other food centres and locations, such as KTV lounges and Jurong Fishery Port, were linked to Covid-19 cases.

You can find the full list of affected locations found on the Ministry of Health’s website here.

Those who have visited these places recently are also urged to get tested and stay home as instructed.

Singapore on track to reaching vaccination goal

Stressing on the importance of vaccination once more, PM Lee noted that vaccinating everyone is the most important way to keep the community safe.


He shared that Singapore is on track to reaching our goal of having 2/3 of the population fully vaccinated by National Day.

In the meantime, he asked Singapore residents to continue practising their regular habits of wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining safe distancing.

These habits will help slow the spread of the virus and bring the outbreaks under control.

We cannot afford to be complacent

The recent surge in cases has shown us that we cannot afford to be complacent in our fight against Covid-19.

As we face another uphill battle, we need to band together as a nation and abide by regulations.

Hopefully, the situation will soon stabilise, and Singapore can swiftly move to the next phase—living with Covid-19 as an endemic.

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