Primary 1 Students Can Register Online From 1 Jul, Forms Require Parents’ SingPass Access

Primary 1 Students Can Register For 2021 Intake From 1 Jul

Entering primary school is the biggest threshold every 7-year-old in Singapore crosses in their education.

This year, this journey will begin online from Wednesday (1 Jul) for both parents and children alike who are due to begin Primary 1 in 2021, in light of Covid-19 social distancing measures.


In particular, these 3 phases of registration for prospective students’ dream schools will commence at these dates:

  • Phase 1 – 1-2 Jul
  • Phase 2A(1) – 7 Jul
  • Phase 2A(2) – 14-15 Jul
  • Phase 2B – 23-24 Jul

We explain the procedure in detail below, including how parents can plan ahead for their children.

Online forms require parents’ SingPass access

Do note that most applications will be made using online forms, via parents’ SingPass accounts.

So if you’re helping your child register, do make sure that you’re familiar with your account details, and that your contact info is updated.

Here’s the breakdown of how each phase will be processed:

Phase 1 – 1-2 Jul

For children whose siblings are:
– Students of the same schools

Parents should receive email notice, and should apply via email with supporting documents accordingly.

Phase 2A(1) – 7 Jul

For students whose parents are members of the school’s groups:
– Alumni
– Advisory committee
– Management committee

Parents & children applying for Phase 2A(1) can submit their applications via SingPass.

Phase 2A(2) – 14-15 Jul

For students whose parents or siblings are:
– Ex-students
– Staff members
– Students of co-located MOE kindergartens

Parents & children applying for Phase 2A(2) can submit their applications via SingPass.

Phase 2B – 23-24 Jul

For students whose parents are:
– Volunteers
– Members of church or clans
– Active community leaders

Parents & children applying for Phase 2B can submit their applications via SingPass.

As for later phases 2C & 2C Supplementary, registration will be done on this P1 Internet System.

Call schools directly for specific queries

The application & posting process will last till 30 Oct, confirmed MOE. You can double check if your child is admissible for 2021 intake here:


Best to bookmark MOE’s website here for a detailed guide & online form to fill up, when the dates approach.

For any queries that are specific to the school of choice, parents are encouraged to contact schools directly via email or telephone during working hours.

All the best to our young applicants

We do want to wish our children all the best as they begin their learning journeys officially with primary school.

Featured image adapted from Pixabay.

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