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Python Allegedly Gets Hit & Chopped With Cleaver By Man In Boon Lay, ACRES Appeals For Information

Boon Lay Man Allegedly Abuses Python, Kills It With Cleaver

As a rule of thumb, you should never handle snakes by yourself should you spot one.

Not only would an untrained handler provoke these shy creatures, but it could also pose a risk to your safety if things go awry.

However, some people in Boon Lay completely disregarded this when they encountered a python. Instead, they apparently violently abused and killed it.

On Wednesday (19 Apr), the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) shared a graphic video of the alleged attack on social media.

It also urged the public to come forward if they have any information about the people involved.

Man hits python with crate & bucket in Boon Lay

The incident reportedly happened at Boon Lay Place Market between Monday (17 Apr) and Tuesday (18 Apr).

The videos were from social media posts that are no longer available. A concerned member of the public had sent ACRES the screen recordings.

In the chaotic clip, a middle-aged man is seemingly grappling with a large python.

Other people in the background can be heard egging him on as he hits the serpent with a crate and bucket.


Source: ACRES on Facebook

At several points, the man is seen grabbing the python by its tail and dragging it around.

The python tries putting up a fight, slithering around frantically in an attempt to slip away.

As the man bashes the snake’s head and body with the bucket, the people around him cheer and even throw cardboard boxes at the reptile.

Unfortunately, the python is not strong enough to escape and ends up being brought into the market. At this point, it still tries to defend itself, coiling up.

Source: ACRES on Facebook

Man chops python with meat cleaver, seemingly killing it

The video then cuts to the inside of the market, next to a stall.

Along with another male adult, the middle-aged man places the python into a plastic basket. The first man is also wielding a meat cleaver in his hand.

Source: ACRES on Facebook

The most horrifying part of the footage comes when the first man starts chopping the python with his cleaver multiple times.

The blood of the helpless snake drips onto the ground as the man hacks away at its head.

Source: ACRES on Facebook

He holds up the snake’s limp body and chops at it a few more times before relenting.

The people in the background can be heard telling the man that the snake “die already”.

They even cheer when the man slams the dead snake back into the basket.

ACRES ‘shocked & disturbed’ by incident, NParks investigating

ACRES wrote in the caption that the snake is a reticulated python, a protected species native to the region.

Personnel from ACRES went to Boon Lay Place Market on Wednesday (19 Apr) at 7am to investigate the incident.

They also conducted interviews, during which some interviewees said that they spotted a snake at around 1.30am on Tuesday (18 Apr).

ACRES said that it is “shocked and disturbed” by the “celebratory tone” and cheering in the video that encouraged the taking of an innocent life.

There was also no indication of anyone trying to help the creature.

The society has submitted all relevant information to NParks for further investigations, it shared.

Public urged to come forward with information

Additionally, ACRES also drew attention to the repeated occurrences of similar events.

“It is alarming that despite many educational efforts, violence towards the voiceless still lurks in our society.”

It hopes that the people involved in the abuse will be prosecuted to set a strong deterrence against such cases in the future.

If you witnessed the incident, know any of the individuals involved, or have any information regarding this case, please call ACRES’ 24-hour hotline at 9783 7782 or send an email here.

All information or tip-offs will be kept confidential.

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Featured image adapted from ACRES: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore) on Facebook

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