We Rank Social Distancing Markings Around S’pore, From Laser Tape Traps To Zebra Crossings

Because Social Distancing Markings Have Taken Over Singapore

Social distancing is now the new trend in Singapore and worldwide, as governments urge businesses to ensure people don’t stay too close to one another in their premises.

Or else they kena fine. And nobody wants that.

Of course, different places will implement restrictions depending on their needs, but some methods are just better than others, you know?

So we decided to give out grades for some of these measures. Why grading? Because nothing energises Singaporeans more than judging who is better than others.

We kid. Fighting the virus comes first, of course.

Zebra stripes


What is this even?

Grade: D, at least there was some attempt.

Urinal distancing

While this will be a godsend to guys — so other guys don’t get a peek at your goods — we thought the placement of the “X” could be a little better.


For example, they could have been inside the urinals so that guys who have trouble aiming have a target.

Just kidding. Of course we shouldn’t be using the urinals marked with an “X” in the first place.

Grade: A, we laughed.

Crossing the squares and dotting the lines

This tic-tac-toe design was found in a lift at Siglap.


It looks rather fun, but it probably makes lift rides even more awkward than they already are (“no, YOU go first!”).

Still, safety beats awkwardness.

Grade: B

Large cross for large behinds

That’s a pretty big waste of tape.


Maybe they’re trying to discourage petite people from squeezing in at the edge of the bench if the cross doesn’t cover the entire half, but still. Unnecessary usage of tape.

Grade: C+

Simple is better


Plus points for not wasting tape. Unlike some, they realise that most people will have an idea of the area that the crosses signify.

Grade: A- for saving tape. We might need more of it in the coming weeks.

Laser traps

Someone managed to come across this confusing pattern at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).


This just reminds us of those laser beam traps we see in spy movies.


We’re still wondering where we’re supposed to stand. Are we supposed to just stand in the square right in the centre? Are we allowed to stand in the tiny triangles?

Grade: F for making us think too hard.

Ambiguous lines

It’s honestly pretty hard to tell where we should be standing.


Do we stand on the tape itself, or any area within 2 tape lines?

Thankfully, there are arrows telling us which direction to head. That gives it a pass in our book.

Grade: B-

Go out only if essential, follow social distancing markings

All images are taken from the wonderfully named Observing Safe Distance Instagram page, where they’ve collated various forms of social distancing indicators in Singapore.

But no amount of social distancing in public places can replace actually staying at home.

If you do need to go out, however, do ensure that you follow these markers. Even if they may not be not ideal.

Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.

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