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Rat Falls From Maxwell Food Centre Ceiling Onto Table, Hawkers Raise Concerns About Infestation

Rat Infestation Issues At Maxwell Food Centre

When enjoying a delicious meal at our favourite food centre, the last thing we want to see is rats scurrying around.

However, recently, Shin Min Daily News reported that when a diner was eating at Maxwell Food Centre, he caught sight of two rats on the ceiling beams.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

A rat had fallen onto a table just months ago, causing chaos. Maxwell Food Centre hawkers have since raised concerns about the infestation.

In response, the management of the food centre noted that there are monthly pest control checks. Routine cleaning is also carried out by the National Environment Agency (NEA) without fail.

Rat falls on table at Maxwell Food Centre

According to Shin Min Daily News, a diner felt worried after seeing two rats nestled together on a ceiling beam of Maxwell Food Centre. However, the report didn’t specify the date of the sighting.

When reporters visited the food centre on an unspecified date, they also spotted a rat hiding in the corner of the ceiling beams.

Hawkers said that typically in the day, there would be three or four rats nestled together there.

One hawker shared that a small rat had fallen directly onto a table last year in September, and the cleaner had to take it away in a box.

Just a few months back, this had happened again. But this time, the small rat scurried about after falling from the ceiling beam.

Pandemonium ensued as diners frantically ran away from it. Amid the chaos, the rat was stepped on and died.


Hawkers worry about rat infestation

This time, said a hawker, the rat nest has been on the ceiling beams for two weeks now.

Source: Johor Kaki

They have been rapidly growing in numbers, sparking worries about a rat infestation.

One hawker said as hygiene is of utmost importance in the F&B industry, such an issue was undoubtedly a cause for concern.

NEA conducting routine cleaning & inspections

According to Shin Min Daily News, a Maxwell Food Centre spokesperson Mr Huang said ever since a construction site was set up nearby, the food centre has been experiencing rat infestation problems.

He noted that NEA had been alerted to the issue. A pest management company also carries out pest control efforts every month.

While NEA does carry out routine inspections and cleanings, including dealing with tree holes infested with rats, Singapore Food Agency officers have also reminded hawkers to store their ingredients properly and maintain hygiene standards.

With collective efforts from various stakeholders, Mr Huang said the rat situation has improved drastically.

MS News has reached out to NEA for a statement on the matter and will update this article accordingly.

Authorities tackling public health issue

Rats roaming around and falling from ceiling beams are highly concerning for both hawkers and customers.

While cleaning and pest control efforts are conducted as scheduled, perhaps there is a greater need for more effective methods to ensure that hygiene levels of a market and food centre are consistently satisfactory.

Hopefully, the authorities’ efforts will pay off and the situation will improve as soon as possible.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News and Johor Kaki.

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